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Greece Weather Warning: Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, stormy winds

Greece’s National Meteorological Service and the National Observatory of Athens are warning of a weather deterioration with heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms locally accompanied by hail. Stormy southern winds are forecast to reach up to 7-8 Beaufort and up to 9 B in the northern Aegean Sea.

The bad weather front will sweep across Greece from the West and the North as of Monday afternoon, October 12, 2020, the weather phenomena will strongly affect the Ionian Sea and western Greece. In the night to Tuesday, October 13, the bad weather front will mover further East, affecting the mainland , while it will continue its course towards the Eastern Aegean, during the day. The strongest phenomena are expected to affect Central and Eastern Macedonia, Thrace and islands of the North & East Aegean Sea. At the same time, the rains and storms in Western Greece will persist.

The video below shows the rainfall forecast on 3-hour intervals for Monday-Tuesday, October 12-13, 2020.



Note that according to the weather warning:

  • strong phenomena will be accompanied by increased electrical activity and strong gusts of wind
  • the probability of hailstorms is increased
  • in the morning hours of Tuesday 13/10 rains and thunderstorms will occur in Attica with the effects possibly temporarily intense

Analytical Forecast and regions affected

Monday, Oct 12

From Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning: Ionian islands, Epirus, western Macedonia, western Sterea and western Peloponnese

From Monday evening: rest of the Peloponnese and Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly and the Sporades. Phenomena are expected to weaken in the early hours of Tuesday, staring in the West.

From Monday night until Tuesday morning: temporarily eastern Sterea and Evia.

Tuesday, Oct 13

From the morning until the afternoon: islands of the eastern Aegean Sea.

Wednesday, Oct 14

sources: emy, meteo

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