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Court rules against leniency for Golden Dawn leadership, Fyssas’ murderer

The Appeals Court in Athens ruled on Monday morning that the leadership of neo-nazi Golden Dawn and Pavlos Fyssas’ murderer are not eligible for leniency.

The court ruled that there are no mitigating circumstances for the leader of GD, Nikos Michaloliakos and another six former MPs of the party who have been convicted for establishing and operating a “criminal organization.”

Also Giorgos Roupakias, convicted for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, and those convicted for the attacks on the Egyptian fishermen and the unionists of PAME.

The court found mitigating circumstances only for four former MPs.

Mitigating circumstances would decrease the sentences of 5-15 years for the establishment of criminal organization and  and for murder by the half.

Convicts’ lawyers presented on Friday a series of mitigating circumstances for their clients, however, many of them were not convincing enough to be taken into consideration.

The Court may announces the sentences for the GD convicts may be announced later on Monday or Tuesday morning.

It is unclear whether the court will order the arrest of the convicts prior to the sentencing announcement.

All convicts were released after 18 months in custody as the trial lasted 5.5 years.

Only 11 out of a total 68 defendants were present in court on Wednesday, when the verdict was announced.

Police forbade the gathering of Golden Dawn supporters outside the Court on Monday morning, after convict and MEP Giannis Lagos had called them to express their solidarity.

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