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Greece makes mandatory use of mask outdoors in crowded conditions

Wearing a face mask is now mandatory in all enclosed places of work and open-air public areas where there is crowding, head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said on Tuesday evening. Τhe measure applies nationwide irrespective of local coronavirus transmission levels, he added.

Wearing mask outdoors in crowding situation was “strongly recommended.”

Note that when the use of mask is mandatory, a fine of 150 euros is imposed if the measure violated.

Spokesman of Health Ministry spokesman and assistant professor of epidemiology, Gkikas Majiorkinis said that October would be a difficult month due to decreasing temperatures that might lead to a spike in cases.

“If we stay at this level, we’re alright,” he said.

On Tuesday, authorities announced 408 new cases and 6 more deaths.

Three more Covid-19 patients died in a few hours on Wednesday rising death toll to 465. A total of 74 people died alone in October.

Authorities are concerned about the pandemic situation in Attica and the regional units of Kozani and Pella in western Macedonia and Ioannina in Epirus, where outbreaks have been reported.

Hardalias said that 49 new cases have been detected in Kozani in the last 3 days. There are 181 active cases and 8 patients hospitalized. In Ioannina, there are 66 new cases, 200 active cases and 24 patients hospitalized, while in Pella there are 212 active cases.

The number of cases is 22,358 since the outbreak in the country in late February. The number of currently active cases are reportedly 5,472.

Epidemiology professor Athina Linou told Open TV on Wednesday morning that the “hidden, asymptomatic cases across the country may be 20,000.”

More information about coronavirus in Greece here.


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  1. Leaves unclear, what is a “crowded situation”? More than 10 people per 10 sqm? Or what?
    This is extremely poor regulatory standards.
    Means the police can decide arbitrarily that the situation is crowded and start fining.
    This Covid activism is killing an important part of democracy: The rule of law.