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Night Curfew in Greek regions: How to move around for work, emergencies

Head of Greek Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced on Friday evening what requirements are necessary if workers and people in need will have move around during the night curfew, imposed on 16 regional units as of  early Saturday morning, October 24, 2020.

The night curfew  is force from 00:30 to 05:00 in areas with a dangerous increase in coronavirus cases (levels 3 and 4, marked Orange and Red respectively on the Covid-19 map below updated by the Civil Protection on Oct 23, 2020. More details about which regions are affected here.

“The situation is extremely critical. There must be faithful observance of the measures”, said Hardalias during the weekly live briefing.

He said that workers in private and public sector will need confirmation certificates by their employers, similar to those issued during the first lockdown in spring. The certificates can be in electronic form or printed/handwritten.

Private sector employees will need to provide a movement certificate from the employer who will fill up the form on the ERGANI system with the codes of taxis net. Authenticity is validated with the protocol number.

Self-employed,  free-lances and others needed to move of professional reasons will need similar certificates, the corresponding form on ERGANI platform, that reportedly opened late on Friday..

Journalists need employers’ certificate and journalist’s ID. Certificates must be renewed every 14 days.

Civil servants must provide identification and a movement certificate that they will find at Exceptionally, a  certificate from the department director would do.

Natural persons who will need to go out for emergencies (pharmacy, hospital) would not need to fill up any form. Hardalias noted that in emergency cases it is certain that will be met with the understanding of the controlling mechanisms.

Responding to a report’s question about dog walking, Hardalias advised that pet’s needs are … re-scheduled.

The night curfew goes in force at 06:00 a.m. Saturday and for at least 10 days, where the epidemiological load in these regions will be evaluated again.

Regarding the mandatory use of masks in-and outdoors, Hardalias noted that exceptions are:

  • for private collective sports training and only during the training
  • for drivers alone in the car or with 1st degree relatives.

Of the real weird side of measures Hardalias announced on Friday for the regions 3 and 4 is that Live Music is not allowed in entertainment facilities and bars, while in taverns allowed is a group of up to 3 people without microphone!

On Friday evening, health authorities announced 841 new cases and 10 more deaths, with Attica and Thessaloniki top the daily infection lists.

Check the latest developments of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece here.

PS So the singer/singers of the live trio will shout loud the songs and spread the virus or what?

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  1. So if I’m driving in the same car together with my partner that I share a household with, do I have to wear a mask, because he-she is not a first-degree relative?

  2. HI KTG – thanks as always for your helpful info (and great comments – re the microphones LOL.)
    Question: In reading this post, I noticed “Heraklio on Crete” is suddenly yellow – and not orange like it was yestery. Have you heard about the prefecture being “downgraded” to danger level 2? I live here, and I am trying to explain to tourists the new rules. I have not been able to find any confirmation of this – just as said, the map color for us is no longer orange (today:) Thanks. Have a safe and hopefully pleasant as possible weekend.

  3. For the last THREE weeks, Covid-19 regulations have been flagrantly violated at the public swimming pool in Toumpa, Thessaloniki. This has been for the benefit of a private sports team.

    I have written to Mayor Zervas about this, and to Minister Kikilias, but to no avail. I will gladly furnish KTG with a copy of the correspondence.

    Kind regards,
    David Collins

  4. I didn’t know Coronavirus was a nocturnal creature! Why don’t I trust politicians? At least in the UK, Boris knows that the virus likes a drink in the pub after 10 o’clock. Historians will look back to this time and laugh their socks off.

    • The virus is always on alert and just waiting for stupid drunkies who “just dont give a damn” about it! And drunkies always appear specially after 10 o’clock…..