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Greece’s two-zone Covid-19 risk map and the new measures

Greece’s Civil Protection presented on Saturday evening the new, 2-tier map showing regional units in “increased surveillance” and in “alert level.” The previous four categories are reduced into two. The map and the new categorization of regions based on Covid-19 infections is the guide for the new measures to go info force as of Nov 3, 2020. Red Regions are placed in partial lockdown.

According to head of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, the map is valid for 14 days.

Zone A – Yellow: 47 regions

Aitoloakarnania, Andros, Argolida, Arkadia, Arta, Achaia, Grevena, Evia, Evritania, Zakynthos, Ilia, Thasos, Thesprotia, Ithaca, Ikaria, Kalymnos, Karditsa, Karpathos/Kasos, Kea/Kythnos, Corfu, Kefalonia, Corinth, Kos, Lakonia, Lasithi, Lesvos, Lefkada, Limnos, Magnisisa, Messinia, Milos, Mykonos, Attica/Saronic islands(except Salamina), Paros, Preveza, Rethymno, Rhodes, Samos, Sporades, Syros, Tinos, Fthiotida, Florina, Fokida, Chania, Chios.

Zone B – Red: 27 regions

All regional units of Attica including Athens and PIraeus (except the Attica islands), Viotia, Drama, Evros, imathia, Thessaloniki, Thira, Ioannina, Kilkis, Kavala, Kastoria, Kozani, Larissa, Naxos (except Amorgos), Xanthi, Piraeus, Pella, Pieria, Rodopi, Serres, Trikala, Halkidiki

According to the measures announced earlier on Saturday by the Prime Minister, the use of masks in- and outdoors is mandatory nationwide as well as the night curfew from 12:00 midnight until 5:00 a.m.

In Red Zones restaurants, bars and cafes will shut down as of November 3, 2020 and for one month.

All the measures as announced by the Prime Minister are here.

Zone A- Yellow

Mandatory use of mask in- and outdoors

Curfew 12:00 midnight until 05:00 a.m.

50% teleworking in private and public sector

Full tele-education at universities

No gatherings

Zone B – Red

Partiel Lockdown with Restrictions as in Tier 1 plus:

Suspension of catering and dining out, closed restaurants, cafes, bars etc. Exception: only take away and delivery

Suspension of operations of entertainment, culture and sports such as gyms, museums, cinemas, theaters, bars, cafes

Open remain: retail stores, production units and schools, hotels and hairdressers’.

At the live briefing on Saturday, Hardalias added that open air archaeological sites are open to the public across the country.

It is important to know that movement to other regional units is allowed.

Here are the measures in details, however, in form of cards and in Greek.

Hardalias announced a phone line <1520> where citizens can denounce where the measures are not observed.

Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis, underlined that the measures observance will be controlled with particular severeness.

“Whoever entertains himself, eats, drinks without measures observance, he is digging graves,” he said adding drama to the issue.

He even threatened that “behavior where citizens move from red zones to yellow zones for entertainment will not be tolerated.” He added that also in yellow zones there will be increased controls.

He did not elaborate, though, how he will punish region-to-region violators when movement from one region to another is not banned.

PS It looks as if they will unofficially tolerate that in 10-15 days, the whole map is red and they will not confuse citizens and visitors with some measures here, some there, and this and that and all half-measures written while they drive around. If you know what I mean…

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  1. Could somebody please make more precise what zhey mean by ‘Mandatory use of mask in- and outdoors’?
    In my house, in my garden, in nature, trecking in the mountains, swimming.
    All this could be included, but wouldn’t make sense at all. Even if you believe masks make sense, for which there is no scientific evidence really.

  2. I’m with Johann. Also previous link that lead me here, said there was three tiers, now two?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      there were 4, then 2 , as of tomorrow 3. Authorities can do according to pandemic developments. they haven’t published new map yet.

  3. Use of masks indoor and outdoor? When i am driving my car i need to use a mask too? I heard local policeman here saying that it was compulsory if there is more than one person in the vehicle as for ex my wife and I, and yet I didn’t find anything about that in these new regulations?