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Greek Federation of Handicap opposes Acropolis cement paths

Member of the National Federation of the Physically Handicapped (EOKA), Korina Theodorakaki, has strongly strongly criticized the Culture Ministry to create concrete paths for people with disabilities in the archaeological site of the Acropolis.

“We, as the National Federation of the Physically Handicapped, have been asking for a chain of accessibility to be created throughout the route from the pedestrian street of Dionysiou Areopagitou up to the site of the monument,” Theodorakaki posted on Facebook, after a general outrage over the cementification of the Acropolis.

Recalling a meeting the Federaiton had with the Secretary General at the Culture Ministry, she wrote that the Federation proposed wooden or glass or any modern material that would not be “ugly and inappropriate.”

She added that they submitted their proposals also in written form.

“Unfortunately, we were speaking to deaf ears,” she stressed.

“I am against the cement paving as I see it in the photos that are circulating. I think it does not fit in the area,” she noted.

Commenting on the Ministry thin justification that “cement paths already existed in the Acropolis for the last decades,” Theodoriaki said:

“the fact that the cement already existed does not mean anything. This is not an excuse. We will not fall off the cliff, because the previous ones fell.”

“In my opinion, the existing cement had to be removed and paths and corridors be made from other material,” Theodorakaki stressed among other things.

So far, the Greek Culture Ministry has ignored all criticism and it is “proudly” proceeding with the cement-disaster of the archaeological site.

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