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Sweeping police checks and fines across Greece on first lockdown day

Greek Police conducted sweeping checks for compliance with the measures of the second lockdown in the country. In a statement on Sunday, Police said that there were 55,724 police checks to ensure compliance with Covid-19 control measures on Saturday, November 7, the first day of the lockdown.

Checks led to two arrests and four certified violations of regulations for the operation of businesses, as well as 585 fines for violation of movement restrictions and 698 for not using a mask or failing to observe social distancing.

In the case of one shop in the South Aegean, its operation was suspended for allowing an excessive number of customers.

Police handed out 585 fines of 300 euros for violating restrictions on movement. 194 of them were in Athens and 122 in Thesaloniki. They also handed out 452 fines for 300 euros for failing to wear a mask/social distancing and 246 fines of 150 euros for the same offenses.

A woman who organized a birthday party in her home in Patras on Saturday was fined with 3,000 euros, media reported.

Controls continued also on Sunday but data not released so, far.

About 15 deniers of coronavirus are arrested and heavily fined on Sunday afternoon. They had responded to a call via social media for a anti-coronavirus protest at Syntagma square in downtown Athens.

Each was fined with €300 for not wearing a mask and another €300 for unnecessary movement.

However, police was absent when priests in a suburb of south Athens violated the lockdown ban and opened the church gates for the faithful.

Despite the ruling that religious services must be held without the presence of congregation members and with gates closed, the priest of Agia Fotini in Nea Smyrni opened the doors and invited people who had gathered outside to come in.

According to an exclusive report by MEGA TV , that was with the camera outside the church, the priest let the faithful in and encouraged them to receive the Holy Communion. The people stepped in without keeping the safety distances. It should be noted that at the gate there was an announcement with the lockdown bans regarding the churches.

the police and the Greek government may terrorize and fine the majority of Greeks, they will always turn a blind eye to the church, though, and let the clergy believe that it is above the law.

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