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Mink breeder in northern Greece tested positive, dead animals in his farm

Dead mink animals have been found in a breeding farm in Kaloneri of the Municipality of Siatista, western Macedonia, while the breeder has been tested positive to Covid-19. The breeder was tested and found positive  after he developed coronavirus symptoms. He is in self-isolation.

Some animals in farm have reportedly also symptoms.

Samples from dead but also alive animals will be taken for tests from breeding farms in the prefectures of Kozani and Kastoria where there are some 90 mink farms breeding one million fur animals.

500 employees work at the mink farms in Voio (45), Kozani (35), Grevena (5) and 1-2 in Florina.

In 144 rapid tests reportedly carried out among mink farm workers on Thursday, 10 were tested positive in farms in Kastoria.

The news has cause concern among the population in these areas, especially after the news that the Covid-19 virus had mutated in mink farms in Denmark, where millions of animals have been culled.

They were infected by humans, the virus mutated in them and on their part transmitted the virus again to humans.

Mink breeders in western Macedonia claim that they have been implementing all health protocols.

PS What is the purpose of having mink farms nowadays? The new meme should be “Karma is a mink”.

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  1. So what i9s the government going to do..????

  2. Must say, regardless of the corona virus, mink farms is animal abuse! To keep an animal in such unnatural conditions just for its fur!
    A old history: A dead mink came to God and God said, you have been a good mink so you can make a wish. The mink answered: Then I want a coat of old women!! 😉