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Cancer patient infected with Covid-19 in Larissa oncology clinic dies

A cancer patient who got infected with Covid-19 in the oncology clinic of the University hospital in Larissa, central Greece, died Monday noon. The 53-year-old man needed hospitalization in the clinic where a total of 25 patients and health personnel were tested positive with the virus last week.

The deceased, a lawyer, was one of the 14 cancer patients who got infected with the virus.

His wife, a local reporter for state broadcaster ERT, had raised her voice about the dramatic shortages in public hospitals in the area, local media report on Tuesday.

After the mass infections in the clinic treating one of the most vulnerable groups, the clinic was shut down and stopped the much needed therapies for the cancer patients.

Note that big hospitals especially in the countryside offer essential services and therapies to people form the broader areas. The oncology clinic has been disinfected and so are the areas for daily chemotherapy, the personnel has been placed in 7-day quarantine. The clinic is scheduled to remain closed until Nov 18. Cancer patients are waiting for new appointments.

The deceased was from Trikala.

“He stood upright in front of cancer but bent down from Covid-19,” notes local media onlarissa.

Daily infections in Larissa continue to be 3-digit and the epidemiological load in the prefecture is very high.

The ICU beds, 34 in total in both hospitals in Larissa are full and Covid-patients are being reportedly transferred to the hospitals in Halkida and Lamia.

On Tuesday, the hospital doctors of Larissa have made an urgent appeal for respirators.

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