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ISIS terrorist from Syria arrested in migrant facility Athens

A prosecutor in Athens charged a 27-year old man from Syria with membership in the terrorist organization ISIS /DA’ESH and direct complicity in manslaughter as a terrorist act after an incident at the migrant facility in Eleonas, an Athens neighborhood, led to his arrest on Thursday.

Citing sources, state-run news agency amna reports that the man  entered Greece on March 28, 2018 with his wife and five children and was staying at the Eleonas refugee accommodation facility as an asylum applicant.

Greek counterterrorism police had reportedly been monitoring his activities following information provided by international police authorities.

After an altercation among foreign nationals, the Syrian man was taken to a police station where he was shown a video released by ISIS. It featured him among other jihadists with Islamic State flags and weapons. Footage showed him killing several hostages in clod blood.

Shortly afterwards the man confessed that he had indeed joined ISIS during the war in Syria and that he had participated in the murders of those arrested by the terrorists.

Following a request for more time to prepare his deposition, the man will testify before a prosecutor on Monday.

A search in the container at the hosting facility where he was staying, revealed digital evidence that will be sent to the forensics lab for examination.

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