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Greece sets price cap for PCR, Rapid tests at private health facilities

Greece is setting maximum prices for Covid-19 tests, molecular PCR and Rapid Test carried out at private health facilities, authorities announced on Friday. The price cap will be set by the Ministry of Development and with a legislative amendment to be tabled to Parliament soon.

Speaking at the live briefing on Friday evening, Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection Panagiotis Stampoulidis said that a maximum price will be set for both molecular PC test as well as for the Rapid Antigen tests carried out in private laboratories, clinics and hospitals.

The price for molecular PCR test will be set at 40 euros and for rapid test at 10 euros.

Stamboulidis said that the price setting aims to ensure the public health and to enable citizens to undergo Covid-19 tests without overcharging.

Both PCR and Rapid test can be conducted free of charge at public hospitals and health centers, however, there have to be certain criteria such as “coronaviurs symptoms.”

Mobile Units of the National Health Organization EODY do occasionally carry out tests in several regions and suburbs in the cities, however, they are not enough to cover the people’s needs.

In private sector, the price for a PCR test is between €120 and €70, and for rapid tests 40-60 euros.

The price cap comes as coronavirus infections in the country exceeded 100,000 on Friday.

PS Now the usual mean Greeks criticize the government for setting the price cap with a few months delay allowing private facilities to make good profits. Beginning of September, when Greeks had returned from vacations and school were about to open, officials of the Health Ministry had said that price caps were not necessary.

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