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Nurses in Covid-hospital in Kozani send their message of hope

Nurses in Mamatsio hospital in Kozani send a message of hope and optimism, full in Christmas spirit. Their message of hope is not only to the Covid-19 patients they take care of but to all of Greeks in a country that struggles to fight the second wave of the pandemic.

They painted Christmas stars and Christmas trees on the special protection uniforms they wear. They put a few words of courage: “Smile to me”, “Be patient” “Merry Christmas”, “patience”, “Don’t give up” They added their names.

Despina, Vaggelio, Vana, Maria, Efi… there are dozens of nurses struggling together with doctors to have their covid-patients recovered and discharged. Nurses who put their own lives and the lives of their families at risk.

The pictures of Mamatsio have gone viral on Greek internet, then all we need right now is Hope and something to brighten up our lockdown days loaded with fear about ourselves and our families and economic insecurity about the present and the future.

PS As someone who had to spend Christmas in a hospital, I can not tell you loud enough how the atmosphere in the ward you lie down in fever and in pain changes, when a nurse comes in with a small seasonal accessories on the pen stuck in her chest pocket or her hair. It gives you the sense that you are not isolated in the grip of some “stupid but serious something” that holds you hostage in a hospital, it gives you a tiny glimpse that there is still normal and joyful life out there, away from the sterile corridors, the needles, the stretches, the men and women in white and the bland-to-death chicken and rice.

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One comment

  1. Good to see some hope in the darkness.

    We should all be grateful to the nurses and all the other medical staff risking their lives.

    hopefully the situation will improve soon.