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Intubated Covid-19 patients treated outside ICU in Kilkis

Unacceptable conditions of hospitalization for Covid-19 patients. They are intubated in normal wards, in beds outside the Intensive Care Units as the health protocols prescribe. Hospital workers union POEDIN denounced in a statement the conditions in the general hospital of Kilkis in north-eastern Greece an published pictures of the situation.

The hospital in Kilkis has currently 55 cases of Covid-19, it does not have ICU and patients who are intubated are waiting until a bed in found in another hospital in another city, POEDIN said in a statement.

“Clinically suspicious and confirmed positive cases are treated in the same areas. There is no molecular analyzer and test samples and are to a private laboratory in Thessaloniki, while the results come with delay,” the union said.

Regarding shortages of medical staff, the union said that there are only 2 pulmonologists, no infectious disease specialists, no neurologists. Of the 5 anesthesiologists, 2 are suffering from coronavirus.

Furthermore, POEDIN denounced that front-line workers at the hospital of Kilkis have no adequate protection stuff like special uniforms and high protection masks.

The central oxygen supply is not sufficient, patients are provided with oxygen with portable bottles.

In the whole three clinics Covid-19 hospital there is only one cleaner in the night shift. POEDIN said, among others.

PS Doctors in hospitals in northern Greece, where the epidemiological load is high, have recently posted pictures showing them wearing trash or supermarket plastic bags on their feet as professional protection runs out and supply is late.

Part of the problem in the country’s hospitals amid the pandemic is that the government replaced all general managers last year according to “political criteria.”

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  1. Where is all the recent millions the EU have given Greece to help with the covid problem whose pockets did it go in they should be ashamed of themselves and made to help out on the wards with the unpretected staff.