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Greek father, 9-week-old baby daughter among the victims in Trier

A Greek father and his 9-week-old baby girl is among the five victims of the driver in amok ploughed through a pedestrian street and onto people in the city of Trier, west Germany.Another 15 people were injured, amonth them the wife and a second child of the killed man.

His 41-year-old wife and another infant, aged 17 months old, are injured and hospitalized.

The 45-year-old dentist was walking with his wife and their two children when the tragedy took place.

Well-known in the local community, a dentist by profession, the 45-year-old Greek – His wife and one child survived – Five dead in total, when a car fell on pedestrians

According to website, the family was well-known in the local community.

German authorities said the driver was a 51-year-old German man from the Trier area without a prior police record. He was arrested within minutes of the first call to police and the vehicle was seized.

Police said the car was a Land Rover sports utility vehicle that the man had borrowed. He had no fixed address and appeared to have been living in the car in the days leading up to the attack.

It is currently unclear why the man drove the car through the pedestrian zone, however, investigators said the man did appear to intend to cause harm, as he drove “in a zigzag pattern” so as to strike people walking along, Deutsche Welle reported.

Public prosecutor Peter Fritzen told reporters the man had a high blood alcohol content after a test was performed following his arrest.

He added the man could be suffering from mental illness and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

“We have no indication that there was any kind of a terrorist, political or religious motive that could have played a role,” Fritzen said.

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