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Greece confuses “Christmas” with mass-protests, deploys 5000 police officers

4,000 to 5,000 police officers will be deployed over Christmas Eve and Day to ensure that Greeks comply with the strict coronavirus measures and do not violate the lockdown restrictions. Drones and helicopters will assist the dystopian concept of the Greek government that is not able to deal neither with the pandemic nor with its citizens.

Among the measures still under consideration by the Police Directorate is reportedly the closure of metro stations in downtown Athens where citizens may go to celebrate Christmas. That is they may go to enjoy the Christmas tree and the rich decoration.

Gatherings at home over Christmas Eve and Day must be limited to nine people from two families.

Police has been entitled to enter a home on the festive days and carry out inspection, that is to check if more than 9 people have gathered. However, for such a police inspection, the presence of a prosecutor is mandatory.

Without the presence of a prosecutor, police cannot enter the home but just stand at the door step and make recommendations.

If the rules have been broken, the host is liable to pay a 3,000-euro fine and each person present 300 euros. Additional penalties envisaged if there is an infection or death as a result.

The Union of Police Special Guards said recently that neighbors can call the police if they realize that more than nine people have gathered in a home.

The night curfew 10:00 p.m.- 05:00 a.m. remains in effect throughout the holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Day.

The ban of traffic on main roads, both in Athens and other major cities, has also been decided during these hours. Any car moving during these hours will be stopped and the necessary documents must be demonstrated.

Movement during curfew is allowed only for health emergencies and work reasons, always with the necessary documents. Otherwise, administrative sanctions and fines of 300 euros will be imposed on all offenders, without exception.

During the curfew strong police forces will be deployed at the avenues Kifissia, Mesogeion, Vassilissis Amalias and Poseidonos.

Police will set up blockages on main roads in Athens and other major cities, drones and helicopter will fly over for additional assistance. Police on motorcycles or in cars will inspect traffic in all roads and streets.

Police will be reportedly also deployed outside churches and metro stations and at squares, while drones will be used to surveil traffic in neighborhoods of a city that is home to some 4 million people.

The spokesman of Greek Police said on Thursday morning that police will receive instructions to allow up to 4 people in a car only if they belong to the same family. In this sense, a family with 3 minors will have to leave the baby back home?

On Christmas day, people should send an SMS with code 6 to the 13033 number in order to travel to the home of “first-degree relatives,” reports state-run news agency, although no such thing has been officially said.

Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Lefteris Oikonomou clarified on Wednesday that one SMS is needed to go to the relative’s house and a second one to return home.

Depending on the outcome of the citizens’ compliance with the measures over the two Christmas, authorities will consider tougher measures on New Year’s Eve and Day.

Note that travel within a regional unit or prefecture is permitted but not travel to another regional unit unless for family reunion.

Travel from Municipality to Municipality is allowed.

PS What I see behind this dystopian and unnecessary deployment of forces is a paranoid mind that hates and distrusts the citizens and taxpayers who come up for salaries, overtime pays and total cost.

A waste of money and resources for the sake to demonstrate power.

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  1. Really…we have already witnessed what people do when emergency powers are not enforced which is the reason we have such draconian measures now. And the reason we have these tough measures is the determination on the part of the government to get on top of this horrible situation, so that people can again go about their daily lives as before and the 2021 holiday season is not a disaster once again. Business’s will be able to reopen and people can get back to work and earn a living as before.
    I am not a particular lover of this present government. I believe they are riding on the crest of a financial wave created by the previous administration who had to take such unpopular measures to create it. I do feel however that the approach they are taking, with the odd exception, is the correct one in the circumstances.
    Anyway, all governments around the globe will be judged as to whether they passed the Covid test or failed it, at the next round of elections.

    • Sure goverment can do more! How about 3000 euro fine? Or 30 000? Or arm and kidney for fine?

      I dont care how goverment will be judged, or how it manages hospitals. Not my problem! Everyone talks about solidarity, but will refuse to pay my rent and food! Give me a house, and I will stay inside for a year!

      Sometimes the illness is better than the cure.

  2. Ganz deiner Meinung. Einige Ignoranten bringen uns immer wieder in diese Lage. Ich will auch wieder griechische Ostern feiern mit meinem Freunden auf Santorini.

    • I thought your job was to report the news and facts and not insert your biases. The Editorial section is where you should put your personal opinions.