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Racists attack center hosting unaccompanied children; four minors injured

Armed with sticks, knives and iron bars and shouting racist slogans a group of people attacked the accommodation center for unaccompanied refugee children in Oraiokastro, northern Greece, late on Saturday night. Four minors were injured and transferred to hospital.

The structure hosts unaccompanied children aged 12-15 and is run by the Church of Greece. The attack took place at 11 o’ clock Saturday night, on the second Christmas Day.

Citing eyewitnesses, local media report that the group of attackers broke the fence of the structure, run to the building, broke the doors and enter inside to “find the children running in fear.”

One child was taken to hospital with severe respiratory problems after it was beaten on the chest. Three other children received first aid for the minor injuries they suffered.

A neighbor reportedly informed the police after hearing the screams of a structure employee.

The attack was organized and the gang consisted of ten people attackers, the structure lawyer Thodoris Karagiannis told newspaper makedonia.

After violating and destroying the minors’ “home”, armed with knives, iron bars. stones and sticks began to chase the children, beat them with hatred, while shouting racist slogans and threats. It is characteristic that the group of young people had organization and plan, while the attack took place in fractions of a second,” Karagiannis said.

The lawyer added that they will file against the perpetrators at the Prosecutor’s Office, “as we must all protect minors against people who incite hatred and propaganda with a plan and are not afraid to use life-threatening violence against children aged 12-15.”

Oraiokastro is a municipality in the regional unit of Thessaloniki, where racist incidents have taken place also in the recent past.

It wouldn’t be difficult for police to take DNA from the attack tools the racists left behind, and find out from security cameras who was out on the streets during the night curfew.

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  1. This is absolutly discusting, trying go murder vunerable children. The fear and trauma they felt. There should be no hesitation by police to arrest the gang and they be sentenced. It shows there is not much will to find them if the solicitor points out ways to identify these evil devils.