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Greece’s Cabinet reshuffle: Much Ado About Too Little

The new government spokesman Christos Tarantilis announced the new cabinet of PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday noon. With the exception of two, key ministers remain in their positions: Foreign Affairs, Defense, Health, Citizen Protection, Education, Development, Finance, Migration.

Sent home are the Minister of Interior, Theodorikakos, and of Labor, Vroutsis. New Interior is Makis Voridis, new Labor, Costis Hatzidakis (former Energy.)

Ex government spokesman Stelios Petsas is now deputy Interior Minister.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias became Deputy Minister for Citizen Protection.

Two New Democracy MPs, Spilios Livanos and Kostas Skrekas became Ministers of Agriculture and Energy respectively.

Other MPs entered the cabinet at the level of deputy minister.

15 Ministers remained, 11 ND MPs entered the cabinet.

The new members of the cabinet are scheduled to be sworn in tomorrow Tuesday.

As they are conservatives and expected to take a religious oath in the presence of one priest at least, now everybody is wondering about the ceremony due to the stricter lockdown in force since Sunday. According to media, the sworn-in ceremony is to take place with the new ministers taking the oath and the blessing in small groups.

Analysts see the replacement of Interior Minister by Voridis who is known for his far-right past as a signal for early elections.

All in all, nothing changed much – and how could it when the Prime Minister and the team of his close aides hold the reins tight and implement the policies, any policies, they want.

PS and as my cat says: you cannot expect new results with old material. But if the manager believes “you don’t change a winning team” there is nothing left to meow…

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  1. Robert N Angleton

    The top of your article says news. Usually the reporters name is at the top of the story, but somehow you seem not to put your nam. I wonder why that is? However you continue to give your editorials in the news section. Why don’t you reserve your comments and your opinions to the editorial section and not the news section. Reporting is for the the facts only without your slanted opinions. You start sounding like Donald Trump. I want to read the facts on the stories not your opinions on the stories. I think the public has a right just to the facts.

    • Keep Talking Greece is not an online version of a newspaper. It is a blog reporting Greek news in English. As such I think it is entirely appropriate for the author of the blog to add any opinions they have at the end of the report rather than separating strict reporting of the news and editorial comment as would happen in a newspaper. It is perfectly clear what is a description of the facts and what is opinion. Personally I prefer to see a straight reporting of the facts with an added opinion to the distorted reporting of the facts designed to fit the newspapers agenda as occurs with many newspapers.