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Total confusion about opening of primary schools, kindergartens on Jan 11

Members of the Greek government said on Thursday that the opening of the primary schools and kindergartens as well as of the click away service, planned for January 11 is “not given.” Speaking to media, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, state minister Giorgos Gerapetritis and deputy spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni in fact reverse the announcement by Education Minister Niki Kerameos on Jan 4.

“Nothing is given, neither the opening of elementary schools and kindergartens, nor the clock away,” deputy government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peoloni said on Thursday morning.

Speaking to Skai TV, Peloni said that the government intends to open schools on the 11th of the month.

“But if the committee has other epidemiological data and suggests that schools should not open, then they will not be opened.”

She said that the pandemic is a “dynamic phenomenon” and epidemiological data change fast.

She added the final suggestion will be made by the scientists and then the political leadership will decide.

“What we are living today is the situation that prevailed 12 days ago. The situation worries and concern us, the committee of experts has the final word,” said Health Minister Kikilias. He added that the decision to open schools was taken last week was taken based on the epidemiological data of the time.

The health experts committee is meeting today, the final decisions are expected tomorrow, Friday, after the experts meet with government officials.

Daily infections have started to rise again due to increasing of testing following some ten days of much fewer Covid-19 tests due to Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Health experts warn of an “explosion of infections” soon, especially after the crowding of faithful in churches on Epiphany day and are skeptical about the reopening of schools.

While all Greek media report still at noon about the uncertainty of reopening primary schools and kindergartens on Jan 11, citing the three government officials, the Education Ministry reportedly issued a statement saying that they will open next Monday as planned and that distance learning for secondary education students begins on Friday, Jan 8.

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  1. It still looks like that all governments around the world don’t get it that these young people are the virus spreaders! They don’t have any symptoms and going to school, Kindergarten or University and catching the virus and bringing it home. They have to get the vaccine first to stop spreading it!!!

    • It’s not certain that the vaccine will stop people transmitting the disease. It may stop people becoming sick but not stop them acting as asymptomatic carriers. It will take time for the scientists to get the necessary date one way or the other,

  2. To be sure that the kids don’t spread the virus (because they seem to don’t have symptons) let them all do a quick-test before letting them into school. The same with the teachers. This will prevent better instead of random testing with no goal, other than to present new numbers.

  3. I only write this comment because of the recent mistakes made by the church and the government.

    If they open the schools again next week, then the brown stuff on the floor will hit the spinning blades in the air!!!!!
    KEEP THE CHILDREN SAFE, remain closed for another two weeks and see what happens.
    Better to keep the schools closed a little longer now rather than open then only to close them for several weeks if not months later.