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Two minors, aged 15 & 17, one policeman arrested for brutal beating of metro worker

Two minors, aged 15 and 17, as well as a special guard policeman have been arrested for the brutal assault of a metro worker in downtown Athens last Wednesday.

They were arrested late on Friday night after the victim identified them as his attackers. They face felony charges for the beating of the metro worker and also for “disobedience” as they refused to give finger prints.

The special guard has been arrested on charges for breach of duty and fostering criminals. He gave instructions to the minors how to hide and avoid arrest.

According to media information, the attackers were located from CCTV footage in Omonia metro station and from information that led to their identification. State broadcaster ERT reported that an anonymous caller gave a tip to police about the attackers identity on Thursday morning.

The two brothers had entered the metro in Agios Antonios station. At some point the metro worker told them to wear the obligatory mask and took their feet off the seats. The two got angry and followed the worker when he disembarked at Omonia station. When the platform emptied from commuters, They attacked the 53-year-old man, punching and kicking him and left him injured on the ground. They fled jumping in the next urban train.

They disembarked in the next station and called their mother who picked them up with her car.

She later contacted the special guard, who is a friend of the family, seeking advice.

The 24-year-old special guard reportedly instructed the two minors how to hide and avoid arrest but also what to do in case of arrest.

The guard was arrested when he went to Police station to visit the boys and to get information on the charges against them.

The two boys justified the attack saying that the metro worker spoke bad about their family, something that infuriated them, so they attacked him. They had not realized how bad they beat him when they fled, they claimed further.

The two brothers live with their mother in Peristeri, suburb of western Athens and where arrested while heading home.

The victim who suffered broken ribs, jaw injuries and bruises, was released from hospital on Saturday.

From the very first moment he had told police investigators that he could recognize his attackers who were young and spoke Greek well.

Despite this significantly important detail, several TV channels and websites claimed on Saturday with a clear racist motive  that the attackers were “Algerians” or “Albanians.”

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  1. Thugs like this should be given the same medicine, maybe a spell in the boxing ring with a tough military fitness trainer, maybe then they would learn a bit of respect and self control!

  2. The parents did a fine job raising this pair of scum bags

  3. Was there no one else on the station to help this poor man? There must have been as someone took a video. You can also hear voices in the background.