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Teens brutally beaten metro worker released from custody on bail

Two teenager boys, aged 15 and 17, accused of the brutal assault of a metro station were released form custody on Tuesday following deposition that lasted several hours.

The two boys were released under strict bail terms including a supervision by a social workers. Each one has to pay 2,000 euros for bail and to report to local police station three times a month.

Released from custody has been also the special guard, member of the Greek Police and friend of the family who has been accused of advising the two teens on how to avoid arrest. He faces charges of breach of duty and of fostering criminals.

The assault was recorded by surveillance cameras at the metro station Omonia in the center of Athens, a tip off led police to their identity and arrest.

The boys argued with the metro station master inside the train because they did not wear a mask and he told them to take off their feet from the seats.

The argument continued when the three got off the train at Omonia station. There, on the platform surveillance footage shows the man shouting something at the boys, they turn and the argument continues. The victim moves closer to the younger boy, the older brother intercepts him the 53-year-old man falls on the ground. stumbles and falls and the two start brutally beating him with punches and kicks.

The boys’ parents and grandparents appeared to media assuring that they are “good boys.” Τhe mother who picked up the boys after the incident said that he had provoked them and spoke bad about their home.

The father argued in favor of his children saying “they are diamonds, the older had Proficiency in English, and the younger Lower.

Both boys have apologized.

Violent incidents among teenagers have been on the rise, however, no efficient steps have been taken by authorities.

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  1. So if we have English certificates its OK to kick and punch someone.The parents should now be saying..Ooops..they are obviously not good boys,not little diamonds…and what might this be an indication of in their later years,are they capable of killing someone,that is what their parents and grandparents should be asking themselves now,domestic violence,extremist violence,who knows?The parents obviously need locking up and social training as well,dont cover for your childrens violence otherwise you are an accessory to the crime.

  2. Rewarding children and young people for bad behaviour seems to be the going thing these days. After all he was a station master, how dare he tell these louts to take their feet off the seats and wear a mask, it’s no wonder he was nearly beaten to pulp.
    Correct parenting (hate the word) and discipline to make children worthwhile members of society is absolutely essential and by the same token when you get yobs like these the blame lands squarely in the parent’s laps, they would probably do the same.