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Outbreak in nursing homes: Dozens of elderly and staff positive to Covid-19

Alarm sounded in a nursing home in Marousi suburb, northern Athens, on Monday morning when dozens of elderly residents and staff were tested positive to Covid-19. Both residents and staff had received vaccination some ten days ago.

Already 12 elderly have been transferred to hospitals due to the seriousness of their health condition, ANT1 TV reported.

37 elderly in total and 10 members of the staff, have been diagnosed positive to the virus.

The tests were reportedly carried out on Friday afternoon

The nursing home hosts some 80 elderly people.

According to Skai TV, both the elderly and the staff had received the vaccine against Covid-19 some 10 days ago, however, it is most possible that they had not developed immunity yet.

Most likely they had received the first dose of the vaccine.

ANT1 TV reported that “zero patient” was a member of the staff.

According to state broadcaster ERT, elderly and staff were inoculated on Jan 12. A member of the staff on leave informed the nursing home on Jan 17 that both she and her husband were tested positive on Covid-19.

Media reported that in addition to the 12 already in hospitals, another 9 elderly are awaiting transport, while a total of 21 people need hospitalization.

It is the second outbreak in a nursing home over the weekend. 8 elderly were transferred to the hospital of Volos, Magnisia, on Sunday after 28 of the residents and 5 staff members were tested positive to Covid-19.

Only 9 elderly have escaped contamination.

The nursing home reportedly belongs to the Metropolis of Dimitriados.

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