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First “horizontal” mass vaccination of small islands population started in Kastellorizo

Covid-19 vaccination of inhabitants on the small islands of the South Aegean started from Kastellorizo on Wednesday morning. It is the first nationwide “horizontal” mass vaccination of the entire population of the island, regardless of age and professional category.

Teams from the General Hospital of Rhodes arrived on the island and will inoculate the inhabitants on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to state broadcaster ERT, 250 vaccines arrived on Kastellorizo for the 130 permanent inhabitants currently on the island as well as for personnel of several services.

Vaccination against Covid-19 is not mandatory.

According to the plan by Greek Health Ministry and National Health Organization EODY, the mass vaccination is for small islands of the South Aegean with less than 1,000 inhabitants.

The plan, which will be developed in February, stipulates that the vaccination will be “horizontal” for the entire permanent population of the small islands, regardless of age or occupation – in contrast to the current situation in the rest of the country, where priority is given to specific age and professional groups of the population.

In February, the islands with less than 1,000 inhabitants will be provided with the required number of vaccines, as well as the medical staff that will be needed to vaccinate, anyone who wishes, regardless of age and professional status.

It is noted that the vaccination plan for islanders is very large, complex and demanding, due to the need to transport vaccines to the islands, depending on the special conditions required for their preservation.

For its implementation there is close cooperation and coordination of all stakeholders, including the Health Ministry, EODY, the Defense Ministry, the Regional government of the South Aegean Region and the municipalities of the islands.

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