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Tougher lockdown for Athens, Attica, several islands and municipalities

Head of Civil Protection and deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias announced on Friday evening tougher lockdown measures for the regional unit of Attica and Athens as well as for several municipalities including two Cyclades islands due to increased epidemiological load.

At the same time, he urged residents of two regional units in Peloponnese one Ionian island and Crete to comply with the protection measures, warning they could be next to be placed in tougher lockdown.

In tougher lockdown areas, marked as “red” the curfew extends from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 .am. with exception of Attica that maintains the nationwide curfew 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

The tougher lockdown comes as new cases surged to 941 on Friday with the majority of them in Attica.

Regional units and municipalities in tougher lockdown as of 06:00 a.m. Saturday, January 30, 2021 until February 8:

Regional units

  • Attica except the region of islands in Saronic Gulf 2597 active cases
  • Lesvos 66 and increasing in last days
  • Mykonos 22


  • Eordaia (Kozani) – 66 active cases
  • Thiva & Tanagra (Viotia) 45 & 31
  • Sparti (Lakonia) 69
  • Halkida 157 & Roma settlement in Dystion (Evia)
  • Nea Propontida (Halkidiki) 30
  • Patras (Achaia) 170 – cases doubled in last 20 days
  • Thira (Thira/Santorini) 23

– The epidemiological picture of the Municipality of Acharnes (Attica/Athens), which has been in the regime of additional restrictive measures since January 15, causes special concern. Instead of a decrease, there is an increase in active cases, which from 171 on January 15 have reached 188.

Measures in “red areas” in addition to those as in the nationwide lockdown in low risk areas that remains in force:

Curfew 06:00 p.m. – 05:00 a.m. – Exception Attica 09:00 p.m. -05:00 a.m. due to high population number and public transport network.

Only Gymnasiums will operate (from February 1), Lyceums with distance learning

Up to 9 people are allowed in places of worship during religious services.

Stores operation only with click away system. Clothing and Footwear stores with click in shop system.

Hairdressers, barbers, nails salons and bookstores only with appointment.

Nikos Hardalias called on residents of the Municipalities of Volos and Riga Fereou ans well as those in the Regional Units of Zakynthos, Corinth and Ilia to observe the lockdown restrictions and protection measures “as there has been increased epidemiological load in recent days.”

He also called for increased vigilance residents on the island of Crete “due to detection of mutated strains of the virus in the area.”

In “yellow” regions, that is low risk areas (not red!) the same lockdown restrictions and protection measures as until today, Jan 29, remain in force.

There, Gymnasiums and Lyceums will open again on Monday, February 1, 2021, as well as OPAP gambling shops.

source: live briefing and healthreport,gr

No official statement at the Civil Protection website yet.

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  1. These people are absolute morons. After months and months of lockdowns, when we have clear data that lockdowns don’t work, they only destroy people, they announce more and more of this same bs. I used to love this country so much and now I truly regret moving here and as soon as even the most basic human rights like free movement temporarily come back, I am moving to a better place. I carry my work on my laptop so I don’t need to care where I’m located. Just makes me so sad to see my favorite country reduced to this

    • You’re leaving Greece? Good! We don’t need any more deniers. Lockdowns DO work – you need to do a little homework – but not when some people (you?) ignore them (just read the police reports).

      Whatever you consider your ‘basic human rights’ to be, they do not include your right to infect me.


      • Wow..that’s right people turning against each other. In the home of Democracy. Everybody is still entitled to their own opinions.
        This is extremely important at times like this.
        Be respectful.

      • If lockdowns work, why are the case numbers going up? You’d think after 3 months of draconian lockdowns there would be at least a tiny hint that things are improving. But there is not. But hey, let’s keep doing the destructive thing that doesn’t work. Way way way more lives are getting destroyed from lockdowns than ever could from this glorified flu.

        People are easy to scare because they only show you cumulative numbers without any perspective. More people die from tuberculosis and we don’t shut down the world and ruin everyone’s lives.

        My basic human rights include a right to move around, go out and enjoy life. I have no interest in “infecting you”, I really don’t care to ever be near you anyway so you can be at ease and wear 17 masks on top of each other while sitting in a bunker.

  2. There is some discrepancy in the number of passengers allowed in a private car , can you confirm 1 or 2 ??