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Independence Day: 4000 policemen, traffic restrictions, metro disturbance, protests ban

Four thousand policemen on the streets, traffic restrictions and closed metro stations as well as banning of any schedule protests are the measures Greek Police has taken for the undisturbed course of special events where Greek state leaders and foreign dignitaries will celebrate the Greek Independence Day on March 25 and the day before with dinners, meetings and gallery visits.

Traffic restrictions will go into effect in central Athens on Wednesday and Thursday to facilitate celebrations for Greek

Starting on Wednesday, sections of several streets that lead to central Athens will be closed to traffic, including Lenorman Avenue at Kolonos, Kalirois Avenue at Neos Kosmos and Koukaki (at Vouliagmenis Avenue intersection) and Marnis Street, which leads to Patission Avenue.

Parking or stopping anywhere in central Athens will be prohibited as of 06:00 in the morning on Thursday until the military parade which starts at 10:00 and passes by Syntagma Square concludes. All the major roads around Syntagma square as far as Patission and Omonia Square and down to Syngrou Avenue will be closed on Thursday.

These restrictions will also affect Lykavitos area, where the road that leads from Lykavitos peripheral road to Lykavitos hill will remain shut to traffic from 12 noon to 19:30 on Thursday.

All public transportation schedules in the area will also be diverted.

Metro stations “Evangelismos” and “Megaro Mousikis” will be closed from 16:30 on Wednesday, according to the police, due to the inauguration event of the new building of the National Gallery in the presence of VIP guests. The trains will pass through without stopping.

By order of police, also metro service to/from airport will be cancelled due to arrivals of the foreign VIP guests.

STASY (fixed rail transport),services to the airport departing for Nikea at 13:01, 13:31, 16:31, 17:01, 21:01 and 21:31 will be cancelled, as will the return services from the Airport to Nikea departing at 14:02, 14:32, 17:32 and 22:02.

Police has banned all scheduled demonstrations scheduled for March 25.

Banned are some 7 scheduled protests organized by anti-authoritarians against Police violence (1) and by nationalists organizations (6).

The ban is reportedly  justified “due to serious danger for the public security and disturbance of the soci0-economic life taken into consideration the military parade and the scheduled visits and movements of the VIP guests from abroad.”

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  1. so.. greece without any greeks.

  2. Would you rather celebrate and go home with a covid-19 infection and risk ending up in hospital??? Silly!
    Xronia Polla, KTG!
    Hope you have a nice day inspite the restrictions! May Greece continue to be just GREECE, so special!

    • keeptalkinggreece


    • youre free to stay home if you like. why must you impose your paranoia on others?
      arent we supposedly celebrating today, our ancestors who risked (and gave) their very lives fighting for freedom from an abusive, despotic regime? And now are we supposed to be cowering terrified and hiding , ‘forbidden’ from even being out on the street? Sounds like weve now ended up worse off than we were 200 years ago!

  3. In the interest of preventing the spread of COVID-19 I think it makes a lot of sense if only members of parliament attend the celebrations but you need to balance that with the rights of citizens. Perhaps 300 carefully selected ordinary citizens could also attend? Possibly choose citizens who recently tested positive for COVID-19 and are judged to be at the peak of infectiousness? It would be better if everybody was kept in as small an area as possible and obviously no mask wearing, because the politicians would want citizens from their own area watching on ERT to be able to recognise them. It might result in some of the brain dead ministers getting to find out first hand how effective a nasal cannula is for administering oxygen.