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Crime in Athens hospital? Covid-patient suspected of cutting oxygen to man on ventilator

Greek Police investigates the mysterious death of a Covid-19 patient on ventilator outside the Intensive Care Unit of a big hospital in Athens. Authorities do not rule out a criminal act committed by another patient, also treated for Covid-19 who was in the same ward.

According to media, the 76-year-old man who was intubated in a simple ward outside the ICU of the Greek Red Cross (Erythros Stavros) hospital that was recently turned onto a Covid-only facility.

Wednesday night, the ventilator device stopped working and the back up system did not work either. Doctors who rushed to the patient alarmed by the monitor conducted CPR, however, without success. the patient’s health was improving in the last days, ethnos reported.

According to state-broadcaster ERT and other media, a cable was disconnected from the breathing machine that was also unplugged.

The hospital management informed the police that rushed to the scene.

Officers inspected the place.

While the possibility of some kind of technical damage remains open, police did not rule out a criminal act.

Another patient in the same ward, a 60-year-old man also infected with Coviδ-19 who was not intubated has been put under the microscope of authorities.

According to latest information by protothema, police is completing a file against the second patient. He had reportedly complained about the “noise of the ventilator” and had asked to be alone in the room. There is allegedly evidence that he cut the oxygen supply to the intubated patient

Police reportedly investigates possible criminal and psychiatric records of the Albanian suspect hwo has not testified yet.

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