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“Bike-1”: The first 4-wheeled electric bicycle in Greece built during lockdown

The first electric four-wheeled electric bicycle in Greece was built entirely in Kozani by 52-year-old electrical engineer Dimitris Gloumpos during the second lockdown since November 2021.

Speaking to state-run news agency amna, Gloumpos said that his technological creation is part of the effort “for cleaner green cities and citizens’ healthy living.”

Its name is “Bike -1” and it was built during the second and third lockdown period.

It is a four-wheeled bicycle, operating with a lithium battery which charges with the same process of electric vehicles or alternatively with the continuous pedaling by the cyclist. The battery has an autonomy of 1 hour.

Bike.1 can transport in a special space behind the seat objects weighing up to 30 kg and of volume up to 0.4 sq.m.

The length of the four-wheeler is 1.8 m., its width 0.90 m and its height 1.47 m., It weighs about 120 kg.

The four-wheeled bicycle has 7 speeds, four-wheel drive system, digital navigation for city traffic, bicycle handlebar, electric lighting systems, mirrors, speakers for music and open communication, etc.

Gloumpos said that he wanted to build a bicycle that could offer the green footprint of the city.

“Due to its altitude and spatial peculiarity Kozani is a city difficult to use a simple bicycle and I wanted with my special construction to alleviate this difficulty,” he said.

He added that he was inspired by couriers who are constantly exposed to rain, wind and snow weather. “So I thought that my construction should be four-wheeled with a protective cage where the rider will be able to move safely in the city carrying even small objects.”

Gloumpos stressed that the whole the construction took place during the quarantine and that due to lack of auxiliary space the construction of the bicycle parts was done on the terrace and in the living room of his home.

“With the help of my children and my wife, we pushed the living room furniture into a corner and their place was taken by the bike -1 parts, the constructor said.

The first walk in the city took place on Monday and the attention of the locals who could not distinguish whether it was a bicycle or a vehicle.

Dimitris Glumpos, a father of two,  works as a part-time electrician-engineer at the University of Western Macedonia.

He noted that he has not decided yet what he would like to do  with his Bike-1 in the future.

for the time being he is considering some improvements in reducing the weight of the bike so that the user saves more time in his autonomy when driving in the city.

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  1. I realise I am being pedantic but doesn’t “bicycle” literally mean “two wheels”? If it has four wheels I am not sure how it can class as a bicycle? Would it be legal to drive it without a car driving licence, plus some sort of type approval plus insurance?

  2. Every invention that helps us free of the environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels, is to be lauded and treated with respect.
    Might I make a suggestion – a BIcycle is referring to BI, ie – 2.
    This is surely a – QUADRICYCLE, ie. – 4.
    Just saying!

    • Totally agree ….. if anything is going to ‘set us free from the environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels”, it’s going to be this metal construction with extensive use of plastics and fitted with a lithium battery. Bravo !

  3. The Italians are ahead of this. Just like they are better in selling Greek olive oil than the Greeks, they have already set up an industry for this product. It is called the Birò and is the ‘must have’ for fashionable super wealthy inhabitants of Amsterdam. Typically some thin girl in brand clothes drives it to go from yoga to a salad bar. For just €15.000 you can avoid the €8 per hour parking fee and you can move around more freely than with a car. Check out the specs at and you can also choose a lease that feels like a telephone subscription.

    Good marketing to first go for the tier of the market, leave this to the Italians to do the marketing right.