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33,600 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrive in Greece

The first 33,600 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine will be delivered to Greece on Wednesday. The country expects 1.3 million doses of vaccine from Johnson & Johnson by June.

According to state-run news agency amna, the company had confirmed that it intended to deliver 55 million doses of its vaccine to the EU, as stipulated in its contract, by the end of June.

However, J&J announced on Tuesday that it would delay the delivery of its Covid-19 vaccine to the European Union and is examining, in cooperation with European health services, cases of very rare blood clots (thrombo-embolism) in people who have been vaccinated.

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  1. I’m ready… 6 in 678 million. Just let me know where and when. p.s. Now that Johnson and Johnson has been smeared, “pause” will be removed in a few days. Happy Pfizer and Moderna?

    • For accuracy it is 6 in 6.8 million not 678 million. I agree the risk is still much lower than the risk from COVID so I would also have taken it if I had been offered it.

      • Warwick…Sorry, I stand corrected. Just so upset that this vaccine has been smeared. My family in California received the J and J vaccine a month ago, two females of the age of concern. The only problem they experienced were slight soreness at the injection site.