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Mandatory self-tests for groups of private & public sector employees or fines

Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis and Deputy Health Minister Vassilis Kotzamanis announced on Wednesday that Covid-19 self-tests will be mandatory for several public and private sector workers starting on Monday, April 19, 2021.

All these workers will have to self-test once per week to be allowed to attend their work duties.

Private sector employees who will have to provide a negative result from a mandatory self-test before going to work next week are those in retail, hospitality, transport and travel, cleaning services, hairdressers and nail salons, and betting agencies.

Public sector employees include those working in Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP), local municipal administrations, court employees, cleaning services and those employed in the ‘Help at Home’ program.

The self-tests will be distributed for free of charge through pharmacies to staff registered on the Labor Ministry database ‘Ergani‘ and with thei rsocial security number (AMKA).

Staff must self-report the results online on the Ergani platform, as do teachers and high school students on another platform..

If the self-test is positive, the employee will have to get a second test at a testing site before being allowed to return to work. The result of the second test must also be uploaded to the online platform.

Once there is a negative result, the employee is free to return to work; otherwise, he or she must complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Employers are required to remind employees of their duty to test themselves.

Failure to do so will result in a 300 euro fine for the employer.

Failure to register a test result carries a 500 euro fine.

Employers found with Covid-positive employees at work will be fined with 1,500 euros per employee. [amna, kathimerini, healthreport]

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  1. So because the government is failing to provide good healthcare for years and is rather spending money on police trucks and fighter jets … They put the responsibility at the people and when failing or not willing to comply … Yep there is the fine again!

  2. yes, more tests, more false positives, more vaccines, more control! another great idea – after six months lockdown withour any positive results!

  3. I am speaking with my accountant this morning about finally closing the books on what has been a family business in the village for three generations. Nevermind that it barely breaks even anymore anyway (almost all profits go to pay the TEBE or whatever it’s called this week. in other countries they understand what a small side business is and even encourage it! in greece it’s ‘big or nothing’).. but these insane demands one after another, always with heavy fines… enough already. if grandpa was still alive he’d have agreed with me.

  4. Why not everyone?
    Is the government really giving up this wonderful opportunity to fine the entire population? Coming soon…