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“Greece’s Next Top Model” fined for shoot in NATURA protected Elafonisos dunes

TV Reality Show “Greece’s Next Top Model” got fined 3,000 euro for conducting a shoot by driving a 4X4 on the sandy beaches of the tiny island Elafonisos, which is a NATURA 2000 area.

The fine was imposed as, according to a relevant Recommendation of the Department of Environment and Hydroeconomics of the Regional Unit of Laconia, wheeled vehicles in the protected sand dunes of Elafonisos is a violation.

It is recalled that there were strong reactions to this shooting, both from citizens and environmental organizations, 17 of which, in fact, appealed to Justice.

It should be noted that the movement of vehicles on the coast is prohibited regardless of whether an area is part of the NATURA 2000 protection network.

Specifically, as clearly stated in Article 13, paragraph 4, of Law 3937/2011 “on the conservation of biodiversity”:

Motor vehicles are not allowed to move off-road in ecologically sensitive areas, such as, for example, permanent or seasonal lakes and swamps and their shores, shores, dunes, rivers, streams and streams, forests, meadows, pastures, pastures of Annex I to Directive 92/43 / EEC, as well as on trails located in such areas.

Excludes the absolutely necessary movement to deal with natural disasters and accidents, fires, as well as for reasons of national security and defense, as well as vehicles of the management body of these areas.

source: tvxs

PS Just 3,000 euros fine? Is this how “highly” Greece respects biodiversity and environment protection?

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