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Greece lifts major lockdown restrictions but 300-euro fine remain

Greece lifted major lockdown restrictions on Friday, however, some measures remain and citizens must continue to implement the rules for personal protection. Otherwise they face a fine of 300 euros.

Wearing masks in- and outdoors is a must and the measure is implemented also in vehicles when driver and passengers are not first degree relatives.

There is still a nigh curfew from 00:30 at night until 5 o’ clock in the morning.

Also the restricted number of passengers in private vehicles remains in force: 2 passengers plus the driver or more if a family with minor children.

A fine of 300-euro is to be imposed to those violating such simple protection measures.

Greeks start a new period in their life without sending sms to <13033> and <13032> to leave their homes and are allowed to travel to regional units other than the one of their residence.

Traveling to/from Greek islands is allowed per ship or airplane, provided that travelers are Covid-free.

More details:

Travel to/from Greek islands summer 2021 here.

Lifting major lockdown restrictions from May 14 here.

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  1. Any mention of Kalymnos island?
    Are they still in the ultra lockdown or is it freed too?

  2. So the article states for citizens. This mean that tourists don’t have to wear a mask?

    • keeptalkinggreece


    • Pannonian Sailor

      Wearing masks outdoor makes sense only in a really crowded places. E.g. in town where I live in Germany, the main street were the shops are mostly located has been defined as place were we all wear masks. But in other places you do not need to wear the masks.

      I hope once Greece pasts 30% in vaccination, this get removed, otherwise the season will be quite awkward.

    • greek government FAQ # 8
      What will apply to guests during their stay?

      During their stay in Greece, visitors must follow all measures that apply to Greek citizens.

  3. What kind of nonsense is this continued restriction where you have to wear a mask outdoors. It means if your playing golf, jogging or at the beach you must wear a mask or be fined even if your fully vaccinated. Utterly ridiculous!!

  4. Robert John Cyd

    Seen plenty of tourists where we are not wearing masks inside or out.

  5. A friend walked down to the old harbour area in Chania yesterday, a popular and busy tourist area. He couldn’t be certain but he said that most people looked like tourists and not a single one was wearing a mask. I went in my local supermarket this afternoon and every single member of staff and every customer was wearing a mask. Only anecdotal but I think probably representative.

    • In what way does tourist differ from any international resident? How does person living in a beautiful, warm country not look like a tourist?