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Greece declares “war” to organized crime, gov’t sees “rise” in lockdown lifting

Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis said on Tuesday that he is declaring war to organized crime after a series of shootings on open street and in the middle of the day, where two people were gunned down.

At a meeting with Hellenic Police officials discussion were focused on improving the available information network as well as streamlining collaboration between the various agencies.

During the meeting a proposal to create a new task force to more efficiently combat organized crime was mooted.

The police officials decided on strengthening the information and investigative network of the police, as well as updating the tracking and tracing of active criminal groups, with a list of names and addresses.

Minister Chrysochoidis already presented an extensive file on organized crime in Greece (Greek Mafia) to a Supreme Court prosecutor and on Monday declared that there will be a “war” on organized crime.

The name of the one of the two recent victims was reportedly among the 500 names the Minister listed in the file.

Both victims had a criminal record, the murders were attributed to gangland feud.

On the government narrative side, now, there is claim that criminality rose after the lifting of the lockdown.

Government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni told Open TV “we possibly see more [crimes] because it was difficult that they took place as long as we had restriction measures.”

At her briefing to journalists on Tuesday, Peloni claimed further that “organized crime is a separate problem that obviously exists and needs to be combated.” She said that  Greece is, was and remains a safe country. “It has one of the lowest homicide and robbery rates in the entire European Union, and this is proven by statistics. There is policing in the neighborhoods, patrols are held and are further strengthened.

Worth noting that journalist Giorgos Karaivaz was gunned down outside his home beginning of April and that most possible the killers were law-conform in sending their sms to leave their home – as did any thieves, and robbers and home intruders during the lockdown .

The night curfew did not hinder also the murderers of young British-born mother Caroline take her life right next to her baby and husband.

Regarding the insecurity citizens may feel when murders happen when they drink their coffee at a cafe – as in Sepolia on Sunday – a journalist of Skai TV, a fierce supporter of the conservative government, claimed that professional killers are precise at shooting. .

PS Now we know that criminals’ bullets hit only their target, there is not need to have fear *rolling eyes.”

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