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Rapid price increases in Greece’s supermarkets and fuel

Prices on supermarket shelves and fuel are rising rapidly during the pandemic and basic products will be even more expensive in the near future. Prices are expected to increase further in the next period due to the rise not only of raw materials internationally but also the price of transportation fares.

According to the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEA), it is indicative that price hikes in raw materials, cereals, dairy, sugar, coffee and beef start from 3.63% and reach 26.59%.

A report at OPEN TV listed some of the price increases in the supermarkets as:

Stationery: 4%-12%
Flour: 10%
Seed oil: 50%

At the same time, the prices have already increased (by a few cents of the euro) in consumer goods in supermarkets and they are:

Rice: From 1.70 euros to 1.90 euros
Coffee: From 5.40 euros to 5.70 euros
Baby milk: From 10.70 euros to 10.80 euros

“The fare increase of a container from Asia to Europe went up by 525% in six months”, noted the president of EVEA, Konstantinos Michalos.

The General Manager of IELKA confirmed to OPEN that “there are increasing pressures on raw material prices and it remains to see if they will affect the prices on the supermarket shelves in the future as well “.

The price of fuel is also increasing

In addition to rising product prices in supermarkets, consumer’s budgets are under pressure also by the rising in fuel prices that in turn affect product prices.

Specifically the average price in:


Today it stands at 1.61 euros per liter
Last year at such a time the price was 1.36 euros per liter


Today: 1.110 euros per liter
1 year ago: euro 1,330 per liter


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  1. This is nothing new. It was cheap to live here when I came across 15 years ago (one of the reasons I moved) – but the prices always rise drastically at the beginning of every tourist season (obviously) – but they don’t go down again in winter for us locals. When I go back to the UK I can fill a shopping trolley for a fraction of the price it costs me here in Crete.

    • michele lavender

      Joanna,I went back to UK once a few years back now and nearly fainted at the price differences,Greece is so expensive,A tin of salmon was affordable there,not so here,its crazy.

    • You need to look at the bigger pcture. I agree food is generally more expensive and much less choice, but rent in the UK is double the rent I pay in greece for a small apartment. Many things I find cheaper here. Car and motorbike insurance for example, and fees for mechanics and cigarette, and private medical care. Other things are stupid expensive. A lawyer, for example is at least double uk prices for things like wills. And the GBP exchange rate has gone up quite a lot. If your income is in GBP I think it is still about 15% cheaper here than in the uk, for me anyway.

  2. Not to forget council tax, paid 1850 pounds a year in the UK, pay 135 euros a year here