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Experts warn of 4th pandemic wave if those 60+ not inoculated, corona-parties throughout summer

Health experts warn of a fourth pandemic wave in Greece if those over 60 remain inoculated and the corona-parties continue throughout the summertime.

The president of the Athens-Piraeus Hospital Doctors, Matina Pagoni, appealed to citizens over 60 years old to be vaccinated in order for the country to avoid a new wave of coronavirus.

Speaking to Skai TV on Monday, Pagoni sait that at the moment the immunity rate was around 22%. The target was 50% at the end of June and 75% at the end of August, thus 80% at the beginning of September.

The vaccinations rollout must continue in fast pace and stressed that age groups over 60 in particularly should get vaccinated as soon as possible., so the vaccinations must be run. He stressed that in particular the 60+ groups should run to be vaccinated.

“Those who have not been vaccinated they won’t be be able to go anywhere during the winter,” she warned possibly referring to the privileges for the fully inoculated scheduled by the Greek government.

Regarding the so-called corona-parties, Pagoni warned that if these parties continue they will trigger a fourth pandemic wave.

“In these parties, one transmits the virus to 100 people,” she said  stressed the responsibility authorities have to prevent them.

Pagoni underlined “we must all realize that if we are not careful and do not get vaccinated we will not get out of the pandemic.”

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  1. Savvas Andreas

    Fourth wave? What date did the first one end? Never saw it published. (Or the second, or the third….)

    • Always look at the data not the statements. It is better to talk about peaks than waves. You can see the progress of the disease on the second graph down on this page: Tick the box next to 7 day moving average to make it easier to understand. You can hardly see the first peak in early April 2020 but it is there. The second peak was in mid November 2020 and the third peak was in early April 2021. While numbers came down after each peak they never really got very low after the second and third peak.

      It will be a long time before vaccination controls case numbers BUT as the majority of the older groups get vaccinated it might control hospitalisations and deaths with a bit of luck. That seems to be happening in Israel and the UK.

  2. The important thing here is for people to understand that governments and their advisors need to be legally accountable for the consequences of their words, decisions and conduct. My understanding (please correct me if this is not true) is that in Greece they have given themselves legal immunity.

    We should also be aware that government predictions of what would happen are almost entirely wrong. Their claim that it was safe to open Greece to tourism last summer was clearly a lie; and the same intention for this summer is clearly also nothing more than manipulation and distortion of the facts. Trying to blame people for the mistakes of incompetent and corrupt politicians should not normally work, but they have managed to trick the Greek people into fearing the virus as if it were like the bubonic plague. Currently, its case fatality rate is below that of common flu in most European countries.

  3. we can ‘get out of the pandemic’ right now by imprisoning the politicians and officials who imposed this insanity on us for crimes against humanity.

  4. Yep, this will also solve the problem with the empty pension fund…

  5. And how many over 60s are STILL WAITING for a temporary AMKA so that we can get the vaccine? Why on earth dont they just GET ON WITH IT!!! Are all the refugees going to have a number? I doubt it!!

  6. Now we blaming over 60. Once again “ sick”.

  7. “Those who have not been vaccinated they won’t be be able to go anywhere during the winter”. And the masses applaud, while basic liberties are more and more limited by the day.
    The ones who are afraid of this virus, and don’t know other treatments, should indeed take the vax. And then, if they think it works, that they would become immune, why would they force others to take it also?
    My body, my choice, isn’t it?

    • So with your body and your choice you can choose who you pass Covid-19 onto then?

      Can I suggest that with these amazing powers of choice that your body has that you choose not to pass it on to some poor soul who has not yet had the opportunity to get the vaccine – as that will prevent you from killing them. Also try to avoid anyone who they might come into contact with.

      I’d suggest staying at home and spending some time contemplating your selfishness for your sake and for everyone else’s too.

      • A rather unproven reply to be fair. As clearly stated by the CDC, early studies do show there may be an opportunity that getting a vaccine makes you spread the virus less, but truth is we don’t know. We are only fairly certain you get less sick if you do get the virus.

        But its far to early to be conclusive as they are still trying to learn about what happens to the people participating in the human trial phase (everybody is currently getting the vaccine), injecting unknown and untested drugs into them.

        So stating you spread the virus less by being vaccinated is incorrect, as of current point in time. For all we know you might spread it faster…..

        So if you suggest Francesco should stay home, so should everybody who got vaccinated until the vaccine pass the usual 10 years of testing requirements that a vaccine usually require – until we know for sure

  8. Blackirishblonde

    Sylvie…My husband and I are STILL waiting for AMKA numbers. I have called the US Embassy and told them we were having a problem. I was told to be patient. My husband is Greek went to US at age 18…became an American Citizen when serving in the Army… and we came here four years ago because he is a Vietnam Veteran and ill and wanted to return here to this beautiful Country to rest. For those who tell us “Go Home” and get vaccinated…he is not capable of wearing a mask for 20 plus hours to get back to Boston. I think that the Greek Government should just open up ALL vaccinations for the elderly. Just show your ID or Residence Permit and get vaccinated…because the system in place now is just not working.

  9. Anne June 7, 2021 at 10:22 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. Instead of all these different plans, maps and figures that are seldom consistent could some Responsible Official please take charge and concentrate on issuing the Temporary AMKA numbers so those people who have houses in Greece, therefore pay tax, support the economy and add to the tourist industry by having family and friends visit them can finally get their long awaited vaccination. Many of these people, like my own relatives are over 60, and are desperate to be vaccinated. Excuses of not being able to identify these individuals is ridiculous they have ΑΜΦ, passports, utility bills and addresses.