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Caroline’s family lawyer threatens media with “restraining order,” speaks of “cannibalism”

The family of slain Caroline Crouch is in outrage after they took their grandughter Lydia on their home on the island of Alonisos on Tuesday afternoon. They are surrounded by photo-reporters and television channels with the effect that grandmother Susanna cannot even bring the baby to the veranda.

The family’s lawyer warned media people with restraining order if they do not withdraw form the house.

“If the TV channels do not withdraw immediately, I will file for restraining order,” lawyer Thanasis Harmanis said.

“The grandmother can not even take baby Lydia for a walk on the terrace or outside with the stroller”, he added speaking to news website

“What is happening is cannibalism,” Harmanis stressed.

He noted that TV cameras have “parked” outside the family home 24 hours per day.

“This has created a suffocating condition for the family which at the moment seeks more than anything else peace and respect for its mourning,” the lawyer said.

He added that the Crouch family lawyers “are now intensively dealing with the legal development of the case, while the family in turn wants to dedicate itself undisturbed to Lydia.

Caroline Crouch family won the temporary custody of baby Lydia, the mother of confessed murderer Babis Anagnostopoulos handed the baby  over to grandmother Susanna on Tuesday.

The custody is temporary by order of a prosecutor, a Juvenile Court will decide on the permanent custody in 90 eventually plus 90 days.

“The chances are overwhelming that the baby’s custody remains in Caroline’s family,” Harmanis said.

The prosecutor’s office withdrew the parental custody from the father who is in jail pending trial.

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  1. Such HYENAS! Leave the poor family alone and let them mourn their daughter and take care of the the infant in peace!
    The sole custody of the baby must, of course, go to the mothers family. The father has shown himself totally unfit to take care of a child! And that gives questions about his family too! Where did he get his values????

  2. It is jackals like this who also killed Princess Dianna.

    There should be laws against such predatory infringements of one’s privacy let alone camping outside in wait.

  3. It is difficult to balance the public’s desire to know and the media’s need to report against a person’s right to privacy. You can make all the laws you like but the media will never stop investigating and reporting. If they can’t base their reports on facts then they’ll start to make stuff up. And we need investigative reporting to keep a check on governments, corporations, and even some individuals.

    What is need is balance and respect. The media want a photo of Lydia with her grandmother because it’s newsworthy, the public wants to see and know that the baby is safe and being well cared for. On the other hand it’s important to leave the grandmother and Lydia alone with their grief and to provide a calm environment for little Lydia.

    The British Royal Family handle this conflict by having specific photo opportunities for the media to take their pictures and videos, they then ask for, and in most cases receive, the privacy they desire. Perhaps a one-off photo opportunity with Lydia and her grandmother and then a request for privacy might work here too?