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“Greece will not shut down again to protect a few unvaccinated people,” says Mitsotakis

“I can not make vaccination mandatory. But everyone is now assuming the consequences. The country will not close again to protect a few unvaccinated people and we will not let the vast majority of the Greek population that is vaccinated to pay the cost,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview with Sunday edition of newspaper kathimerini.

He pointed out that in contrast to previous phases of the pandemic, when measures were taken to protect public health, we now have the solution of vaccines.

He stressed that it is not possible for a portion of citizens to recognize the value of vaccination but consciously abstain leaving the rest to build up the wall of immunity.

Mitsotakis noted that when the government took the measures of horizontal restriction [lockdown] we did not have vaccines.

“Let’s not forget that. We currently have vaccines. We have the answer. And we have some people who consciously choose not to protect themselves, not to protect their loved ones and through their behavior to always carry the risk of a new [pandemic] wave,” Mitsotakis underlined.

He called the unvaccinated “free riders.”

He said also that in April, May and June, 2,245 people lost their lives to Covid-19. They were aged 60 to 80.

“Only 22 were vaccinated,” he said adding “2,223 were not vaccinated. They could have been vaccinated, they had this possibility and they did not do it.”

PS One could have also asked the Prime Minister why the program vaccination at home for those home-bound hasn’t be launched yet, in the 7th month of the roll out. One could have asked what he believes are the reasons people are increasingly reluctant to get the vaccines, whether he knows if they are anti-vaxxers or insecure and confused due to the controversial information even by the national epidemiologists or that they have difficulties to access a vaccination center. One could also have asked him if he planned any campaign to convince them or he will continue with threats, punishment and insane measures and some 150-euro payments for the youth.

One could also ask why only just 47.7% of the population has received at least one dose and this number includes also the 37.6% who are fully vaccinated on July 3. In this sense, over 50% are not vaccinated and that’s not “just a few”.

Pretty arrogant the man who claims to be the Prime Minister of all Greeks…

Worth noting that no EU member state uses “punishment” to convince people to get vaccination, and among the countries that do is are “democracies” like Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia

*KTG is not anti-vaxxer, is fully vaccinated with 2 doses (by mid-May) and has achieved the reasonable. However, KTG is allergic to authoritarianism and arrogance.

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  1. Good point about people who can’t get vaccinated due to physical or psychological (dementia) immobility. Also I think there are elderly people who somehow believe getting vaccinated is against the Church. Not sure how the vaccine became a symbol of disobeying God’s will, but I hear this argument often.

    Most of the people I know in their 20’s already had Covid, so I suppose that’s why they don’t get the vaccine. Don’t they count towards herd immunity?

    As for people in their 30’s and 40’s who didn’t get the vaccine, they often shrug when I ask why not. They are not afraid, not convinced, just complacent.

    As for the government, I suppose they don’t want to be blamed for the economy. So they are giving their disclaimers and warnings so they can end the lockdown and not feel the need to take responsibility. It’s all theatrics in a way.

    P.S. I got the vaccine, but for the same reason I get the flu vaccine. I hate getting sick. And Covid is nasty. My sister got it in March & she still can’t smell. She takes showers multiple times a day because she can’t smell her body odor, lol.

  2. The biggest free-rider in Greece is Mitsotakis, who pretends to be a prime minister but acts as a second-rate propagandist.

    Actually, he is like Malakas Papandreou, who upon being elected PM some 12 years ago, went around Europe complaining in public that the Greek people were useless and did not pay their taxes. Same privileged family background, same low IQ, same mentality of entitlement — and always blaming the common Greek people for the failures of the Greek state.

    • Finally! someone else sees this!

    • He is a Harvard grad and does not sound like the one with low IQ.

      Trailer house politicians are a walking embarasment, they hate everything and everyone.

  3. we don’t want your protection anyway!
    but of course thats not what this was ever about, hence the neverending show they all put on about being concerned for anyone’s ‘safety’.

    • Fatalities due to Delta variant in non vaccinated people = 0,09%
      Fatalities due to Delta variant in people who took 1 dose of vaccine = 0,2%
      Fatalities due to Delta variant in people who took 2 doses of vaccine = 0,63%

      No need to be offended. Information is on internet available to everyone. Source is from the British government based on a study from February to June 14.

      • These are completely meaningless statistics, of the sort that foolish bureaucrats construct. I have spent my professional life trying to explain to government idiots why their statistics are crap. So, presumably you would like an explanation…

        In order to compare three groups of people (with different vaccination histories, as described) you have to compare three groups of similar people — comparable in terms of age, sex, health condition, socio-economic status, etc. For scientific experiments, you would construct 3 groups of similar individuals, with a large enough sample size for statistical significance. However, in the real world we are dealing with reality, not experiments. So…

        We then have to examine the characteristics of each of these 3 groups, and compare them. We will find that the vast majority of people who had 2 doses of the vaccine are over the age of 60. This is the group of people who are most likely to die from Covid-19. Even with two doses of the vaccine, some of them will still die because the vaccine is not 100% effective.

        Similarly, because of the nature of the vaccine roll-out, most people with one dose will be middle-aged or with health problems. Less likely to die than the elderly, but more likely than the young and healthy.

        Finally, those without vaccination will be dominated by younger people, without known health conditions. These are the least likely to die, with or without the vaccine.

        So, the fatality rate compared across the three groups is precisely what would be expected — given their different compositions. And this is yet more evidence that governments and newspapers should stop publishing statistics that mean nothing to people without a university training in science and statistical methodology. All it does is provide yet more fodder for crazed conspiracy theorists.

        • “Crazed conspiracy theorists” defy science. Don’t “presume” we subscibe to such notions. Your arrogance in to write so much to describe so little should embrass you oh “university trained science and statistical methodologist”, LOL

      • The UK is currently experiencing an infection rate of around 25,000 A DAY and 90% of those are the Delta variant.

        The number of people fully vaccinated (two doses) in the UK is over 50%, that’s well over 30 million people.

        The number of people who have died from the Delta variant is 42. 23 of them were unvaccinated and 7 had received one dose.

        Thus only 12 fully vaccinated people have died from the Delta variant in the UK.

        42 as a percentage of 30 million is about 0.00014. Where does your 0.09% come from? Or is it just more misleading, and frankly irresponsible and dangerous nonsense?


  4. Scientific data coming from the entire globe show clearly that the number of deaths from coronavirus is increasing in every country with a high percentage of “vaccinated” people. That is in particular the case in the UK, Mongolia, Chile, Israel, and South Africa (the only country in Africa with a high percentage of vaccinated individuals). As a matter of fact, the latest data released in the UK show that “vaccinated” people have 3 x more chances do die from coronavirus than the non-“vaccinated” ones. Knowing that “vaccinated” individuals still transmit the virus to everyone around them, and seeing from the data collected worldwide that they are less able to resist to the new variants, shouldn’t the governments stop everything immediately instead of trying to speed up the process? It is imperative that people in power are held accountable for their actions, or else, they can just implement whatever policy they want without fear of any consequences.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      man! mixing crap (3x more chances?) & facts (increasing infections) don’t make people wiser

    • when you’ve invested in a stupid decision, it takes a lot of guts to stop, admit you screwed up, and change course. some others at least come up with a way to be sneaky about it and pass the blame onto someone else but at least abandon the stupid idea. instead, these sociopaths just double down.

    • Nonsense! The case fatality rate has been decreasing over the last year, and is now well below that of seasonal flu. The UK National Health Service reported a few months ago that they had halved the case fatality rate with better treatments having been developed.

      The number of cases is increasing everywhere, owing to the estimated 60% higher infectiousness of Variant Delta. There is no known difference of case fatality rate for that variant, and I have even seen some suggestions that it could be lower than other variants.

      As for your absurd statistic that vaccinated people have 3 times the probability of dying from Covid-19 as compared with unvaccinated persons… Presumably, this is yet more gossip from conspiracy theorists. The chances of dying for an elderly person who takes a reputable vaccine are reduced by ca. 95%. What you may have read is that more than 50% of Covid-19 deaths in the UK recently were of elderly people who had had one or more shots of a vaccine. That statistic arises from the 5% failure rate of the vaccines — which I suspect is rather more than 5% for very elderly and very ill people, anyway.

      As for transmission of the virus by vaccinated persons, although there is no claim by the manufacturers for this, there seems to be limited evidence of reduction in transmission. This is likely because even when ill, the patient will have a lower viral load owing to the vaccine’s effect, and is less likely to pass on the infection to others.

      My complaint with nearly all governments is that they are not being honest about what can be achieved, what has been achieved, and at what cost. But all of these stupid conspiracy theories with fake statistics make my complaint far less likely to be heard 🙁

    • What a load of nonsense. I wonder which Facebook channel you get your ‘scientific data’ from.

    • ““vaccinated” people have 3 x more chances do die from coronavirus than the non-“vaccinated” ones. Knowing that “vaccinated” sounds even crazier than even filay the expert.

  5. Pretty arrogant. I want to get vaccinated, would pay for it, but Greek government does not allow me to get a jab. Instead they want me to take cheapest s*t with several side effects, so they save 30 euro on “free vaccine”.

  6. agree completely with your PS …well said KTG thank you

  7. Savvas Andreas

    A few? He should be on the stage! The next one leaves in 10 minutes……..

  8. He might find more people get vaccinated if the process was made easier for people trying to get temporary AMKA numbers, you apply online and hear nothing back, it would be so much easier say take your passport and pay fifty euros, how simple would that be

  9. I can consider getting the vaccine as soon as I see a real discussion allowed. Hyper aggressive censorship is what is driving me away. If we could have an actual discussion without getting censored and called names, I probably would’ve taken it already. As soon as actual questions about the vaccines are allowed, and things like Ivermectin are at least allowed to be talked about and the evidence presented, then maybe just maybe a lot of people won’t feel like totalitarian psychopaths are trying to force them

    • Thank you N for the first sensible comment. Exactly why I am reluctant to have the vaccine. I won’t add more, your words sum everything up perfectly.

    • Agreed. The push to have the jab (it’s not a vaccine) is starting to look like desperation.

    • “totalitarian psychopaths”?

      Are you a Trump fan by any chance?

      • Ok so first, I’m not a fan of anyone. That’s for teenagers. Second, what on earth does Trump have to do with any of this? And third, yes, if I’m not allowed to leave my home for almost a year, I’m forced to obey a dress code and wear a mask that shows what a good boy I am and then on top of it all my right to make my own medical decisions and if some unknown experiment is injected in me is infringed upon, while almost all discussion is heavily censored then yeah, we are definitely dealing with totalitarian psychopaths

  10. Beverley Orrow

    There are many legal residents who have been unable to get the vaccine as they do not have AMKA and the temporary AMKA system has failed them. I hiave submitted 3 oneline applications but not received a PAMKA number, KEP is unwilling to help, Emvolio help line does not answer their telephone or respond to emails. S do not blame every who has not had the vaccine for the current situation on Rhodes. I WANT IT BUT AM UNABLE TO OBTAIN IT and I know of others in the same situation. But nobody is willing to sort this problem out.

    • keeptalkinggreece


      • Why the ? Do you not know what PAMKA is? – In case you don’t it is temporary AMKA – the number you need to get vaccination if you do not have permanent cover in Greece. It is very sad if you really did not know this

  11. What a prime minister…what a bullish..what a crime against humanity…happening not only in Greece…But this show and propaganda does not work anymore…people are waking up…my neighbor died after the vaccination…so many people with strong side effects and serious health issues…please all take care…don’t let this elite poison you! Viruses and mutations exist for 1000s of years…but the massive propaganda started in 2020…

  12. Typically the vaccines stop around 95 % of fully vaccinated people from catching COVID becoming ill and dying from it. Around 12 million people in the UK are over 65. The death rate from COVID averaged across the whole over 65 group is around 20 %. If that group remained unvaccinated and COVID eventually spread to the whole population, as it inevitably would, that would result in 2.4 million deaths. With vaccination that figure is reduced to 120 thousand. That is the reality of vaccination. You can do a similar calculation for Greece.

    In the last month the number of new cases per day in the UK has risen by a factor 6. The number of deaths per day in the same period has risen by a factor 2. Vaccination did that.

  13. I wonder if Kyriakos Mitsotakis would take the same policy if his youngest kid was still too young to get vaccinated.

    Fortunately Daphne is already late teen, so he doesn’t have to worry about “a few unvaccinated people” amongst his beloved ones.