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Greece: Coronavirus cases spike to 1,797 in 24 hours; 8 deaths

Greece recorded a spike in daily coronavirus infections on Tuesday that increased to 1,797 in the last 24 hours, setting authorities on alert and an extraordinary announcement by the country’s Civil Protection.

The number of Covid-related deaths in the last 24 hours is 8, while the number of intubated Covid-patients in hospitals Intensive Care Units stands at 168.

“The 4th wave of the pandemic is here,” state broadcaster ERT announced short after the health authorities daily report and warned that “there will be re-designing of the protection measures within the next hour.”

Citing data form the University of Thessaloniki, ERT reported that infections increased by 442% in the last two week.s

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias will hold an extraordinary press conference at 7 p.m. local time.

The Committee of the epidemiologists is to hold an extraordinary meeting later today.

Earlier, the head of National Health Care Organization EODY said that 50% of the recent infections are related to entertainment among the youth.

Government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni said on Tuesday that “herd immunity of 75% must be reached by early autumn,” however, some health experts spoke of a necessary 80% to 85% due to the Delta variant.


Stand July 5, 2021:


Of the 5,034,790 vaccinated citizens (48.3% of population with at least one dose):

1,016,970 Partially vaccinated 

4,017,820 Fully vaccinated (38.5%)

Vaccinations tracker per region here.

Official coronavirus data, July 6

Tests in the last 24 hours: PCR 15,656 Rapid tests 50,808

Positivity of PCR & Rapid: 2.7%

I read somewhere that positivity rate from molecular PCRE tests was 9.45%.

blue: tests red: positivity


Rt: 0.8 from 0.81 last week.

Since the pandemic began, Greece has confirmed 429,144 infections (daily change: +0.5%↑). In the confirmed cases of the last 7 days, 126 infections are related to travel from abroad and 1446 to other confirmed cases.


Rolling average: 912 (426 previous week)

51.2% of the infected are men.

There are 8 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours, the total of pandemic victims to 12,754.  Of these, 95.5% had an underlying condition and/or were 70 years old.


A total of 168 Covid-patients – from 173 a day earlier -are on ventilators in hospitals. Their median age is 66 years. 68.5% are men. 88.1% have an underlying condition and/or are aged 70 or more.

2,709 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the pandemic began.

48 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospital in the last 24 hours (daily change: -18.64%). The average admission of patients with Covid-19 to hospitals over the last 7 days was 41.


The median age of new infections is 43 years (range: 0.2 to 106 years), while the median age of the deceased is 78 (range: 0.2 to 106 years).

Geographic distribution July 6

Regional units epidemiological load: last 7 days – infections per 100,000 population


Of the 1797 new cases, 8 were detected at the entrance gates of the country and 13 among travelers already in the country.

The remaining cases are:

1026 Attica

62 Thessaloniki

98 Rethymno

72 Heraklio

45 Magnisia 43 Larissa

32 Ioannina 17 Ilia

19 Chania 18 Evia

16 Corinth

Each 15 Grevena, Kozani

14 Mykonos 13 Achaia

11 Corfu

Each 9 Viotia, Thira, Lasithi, Pieria

Each 8 Aitoloakarnania, Rhodes, HAlkidiki

Each 6 Argolida, KArditsa, MEssinia

Each 4 Trikala, Fthiotida

Each 3 Evros, Imathia, Kavala, Kilkis, Lesvos, Chios

Each 2 Arta, Drama, Kastroia, Paros, Rodopi

Each 1 Zakynthos, Kalymnos, NAxos, Lefkada, Pella, Preveza, Serres, Sporades

125 under investigation
Coronavirus Infections Maps to compare
Greece’s Covid-map of confirmed infections in the last 14 days, based on permanent or temporary residence.
Official data by EODY Daily Report in Greek here.
More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. “Government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni said on Tuesday that “herd immunity of 75% must be reached by early autumn,” however, some health experts spoke of a necessary 80% to 85% due to the Delta variant.”

    With the spread of the Delta variant they need to have an immunity level of over 85 % NOW! If around 10 % have gained immunity by infection that means a FULLY vaccinated level of 75 %! Greece is nowhere near that.

    Most worrying is that they are not at that level amongst the older most vulnerable population group. That means increased cases will be followed by increased hospitalisation and increased deaths with a time lag of 2 to 3 weeks. The UK are well ahead of Greece and they haven’t achieved that level of vaccination BUT at least they have got close to that level in the oldest age group so increased deaths might not be too big.

    • Why they even allow old and vulnerable people to leave a house? I regularly meet them in metro. Lock them up, heavy fine for first offense and mental care after second offense!!

      • Wow! So you think old people and those with health problems should be prisoners in their own homes or locked up in mental hospitals. Amazing!

  2. Are there any statistics on how many cases there are of the delta-variant? Would be very interesting to know!
    Thank you, KTG, for continuing the detailed reports! It must be a lot of work….

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it is. i think they are issued weekly Thursdays

    • The number of cases at the beginning isn’t the real problem. The problem is Ro. For the original Wuhan variant it was estimated to be around 2.4. The variant that spread across Europe in the first peak last year was estimated to be around 3. The Alpha variant first identified in the UK is estimated to be between 4 and 5. The Delta variant first detected in India is estimated to be between 6 and 8. Whenever a new variant arises with a higher Ro it very rapidly becomes the dominant variant. Higher Ro means restrictions are less effective and higher levels of community immunity are needed to combat it.

  3. Look at what is happening in Israel. Today’s news said that more than half of Covid hospitalizations in Israel are patients who have been fully vaccinated, and 90% of the cases are Delta. They are estimating a lower vaccine efficacy against Delta. It’s worrying.

    Btw, funny comment, KTG, about the youth not being persuaded to take the 150 euros in coupons! Maybe they should be offering the money to the unvaccinated elderly instead!