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Vaccination program starts in remote areas of Crete

Vaccination of citizens in remote areas started on Tuesday on the island of Cretε and is expected to expand to other remote area on the mainland soon, media report. The vaccinations started in Tympaki and Agia Galini.

The health ministry has contacted municipal officials who inform the residents of the corresponding areas and then mobile teams carry out the vaccinations.

Vaccination program on Crete’s remote areas here in Greek.

Authorities have said that vaccinations will be carried out by mobile teams at squares and even beaches.

This is a separate operational program to cover remote areas.

At the same time, the Health ministry seeks to start vaccinations at home for home-bound citizens, however, the program has not started yet even though it was announced that it would start “soon” in January, April and May.

Greece’s authorities are on alert due to the Delta variant, the increase of daily infections in the last week and epidemiologists warning that the “4th wave of the pandemic” is expected by August.

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