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Greece records 2,327 new coronavirus cases; geographic distribution

Coronavirus infections spiked again to 2,327 in the last 24 hours based on what Greece’s health authorities announced on Saturday. Two Covid-patients lost their lives in the same time, while the number of intubated in hospitals ICUs stands at 142.

The average age of the 2,327 new cases is 28.5 years old, EODY said in a statement.

An one-year old baby from Russia is hospitalized in the ICU of the Children’s Hospital in Athens. The baby was tested positive to Covid-19 after it developed some breathing problems. The family was spending summer vacations in the country.

Several crew members of frigate Aigion have been reportedly tested positive to Covid-19 and are in isolation at the Navy Hospital of Souda on the island of Crete.

Coronavirus Daily report July 10

Tests in last 24 hours: PCR 14,075 Rapid 64,311

Positivity rate PCR and Rapid: 2.97%

blue: tests red: posititivy


The total number of patients admitted to hospital for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours: 68

Total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic: 437,345 (daily change +0.5%) of which 51.2 pct were men.

Based on the number of confirmed cases in the last seven days, 153 are considered linked to travel from abroad and 1,986 are linked to an already known case.

Of the intubated patients 142 in ICUs, 67.6% are men, while their median age was 66 years old. 86.6% have either an underlying disease or are aged over 70.

2 patients died and raised the number of fatalities since the start of the pandemic to 12,787. Of them 95.2% had either an underlying condition or were aged above 70 years old.

2,735 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the pandemic start.

New hospital admissions showed a daily rate of change of 15.25% with the rolling average for admissions in the last seven days at 56.

The median age of new cases was 42 and the median age of people that died was 78 (ranging from 0.2 to 106 years old in each case).

Geographic distribution July 10

Top regions in the last 7 days – infection cases per 100,000 population


Of the 2327 new coronavirus cases, 6 were detected at the country’s entry gates and 8 among travelers already in the country.

The remaining cases are:

1239 Attica

117 Thessaloniki

126 Heraklio

94  Rethymno

53 Larissa

49 Achaia

Each 48 Ioannina, Chania

46 MAgnisia

39 Mykonos 33 Karditsa

30 Messinia 29 Kozani

18 Ilia 16 Evia

Each 15 Viotia, Corinth

Each 10 Thira, Lasithi, Preveza

Each 9 Aitoloakarnania, Paros

Each 8 Arcadia, Corfu, Pieria

Each 7 Grevena, Trikala

Each 6 Argolida, Kos, Rhodes, Pella

Each 5 Lesvos, Fthiotida, Florina, Halkidiki

Each 4 Evros, Kavala, Lakonia

Each 3 Zakynthos, Imathia, Thesprotia, Kefalonia, Kilkis, Andros, Kea/Kythnos, Xanthi, Serres

Each 2 Drama, Evrytania, Milos, Naxos, Syros

Each 1 Arta, Kalymnos, KAstoria, Tinos, Lefkada, Sporades, Fokida, Chios

111 under investigation

EODY daily report in Greek here.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. CLOSE ATTICA DOWN as it seem to be the Hotspot for this virus. AND stop tourists coming into the country — it’s not f*****g rocket science !!!

    • Almost without exception, every country is completely mishandling the Novel Coronavirus. The reason is quite simple and quite obvious: the workings of the mass media and the workings of politics. The mass media like to sensationalise and sell more newspapers or get more tv viewers; politicians like to pick up on the media exaggerations and pretend that they have a quick-fix for these and everyone should be oh-so-impressed.

      Neither of these two categories of professionals has the slightest interest in science, nor understanding of it. Moreover, new problems require a high degree of intelligence and flexibility to cope quickly: these also are absent from these two professions.

      Moreover, your comment about rocket science is plain silly. The mechanical knowledge required to make reliable rockets is centuries old, even if the technology (such as computer control) is newer. Importantly, there is no need to think in an original and creative way to make rockets. This is exactly what was required with Covid-19 and it is exactly what is still missing. We are stuck with medical undergraduate textbook ideas and crude mathematical models that actually lack any dynamic component of how a virus spreads — in other words, even the scientists managing the epidemic are totally lack-lustre.

      And if you want to close down Attika, you may as well close down the whole world. Forget about everything else, such as food, water, electricity, manufacturing, education, governance… let’s close down the world (again!) and see how long it takes all of us to die. Your comment is probably the stupidest I have read in my life (and I have read many).

      • Dear moderator,

        Are we allowed to disrespect others on this site?

        I understand Mr Finlay’s point of view, but I can’t comprehend how calling someone stupid due to their opinion is ok.

        Thank you

        • keeptalkinggreece

          apologies for this. unfortunately, we have some notorious ‘smart’ folks here whose comments pass through moderation when cats are sleeping…

    • you’re free to stay home if you like. you can even double-mask if that suits you. what makes you think you have a right to ‘close down’ a whole region of a country, with millions of people? those people and that land do not belong to you.

  2. Most of the tourists from other countries are NOT to blame! We are fully vaccinated, or tested repeatedly… Can’t you see the data? It is the youth- of all nations, Greek in particular- partying all night! No measures and no distance, drinking and dancing all night in clubs.I was in Thessaloniki last Sathurday. Ladadika was shaking all night… And I understand the needs of the youth, they are young and want to live freely and have a good time, but… Some stricter measures should be put to place there. But no lockdown again , or masks outside, proven to be unnecessary, oppressive and wrong.