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Greece’s top court rules civil servants are granted several breaks due to PC work

Greece’s highest administrative court ruled on Monday that public sector employees deserve a 15-minute break every two hours they spent in front of a computer screen.

The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the administration of a public hospital he worked at because it failed to secure regular rest breaks during long hours of work in front of a computer.

The Council of State ruled that public sector employees whose work involves extensive computer use must be granted a 15-minute break after every two hours spent in front of the screen.

The ruling is in line with European Union directives on minimum safety and health requirements for work with display screen equipment.

The judges said that the hospital violated health and safety standards by not giving the accounting department worker regular breaks or assigning him tasks that would take him away from the screen at regular intervals.

The plaintiff is also seeking damages for the lost rest time.

The Council of State forwarded that part of the case to the administrative courts, which will decide on the level of compensation he is to receive.

PS worth mentioning that EU directives apply only to Greece’s privileged public sector and those working their eyes in the private sector are children of a lesser God.

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  1. I take it there will be no solution to the problem of temporary AMKA numbers starting with 9 getting sorted any time soon so people like myself can get their vaccination certificate, as they will all be having regular breaks in between bouts of drinking coffee.

  2. Above comment gets to the point: public servants in Greece DO NOT serve the public, they are a well protected group of employees, seemingly freed of the pressure to work, to serve, to find solutions, bad trained to fulfill even standard procedures, a lot of them are shocking rude, a lot of them DO NOT speak english,. A visit to DOY and any ministery is like a trip in a Kafka novel.

    Austria offers vaccinations WITHOUT appointment. People just drop in the vaccination centre, are registered at reception, get vaccinated, vaccination confirmed in vaccination booklet.. done

    • After 3 failed attempts at generating a temporary AMKA I visited my local KEP, I was given my AMKA and
      Took that to my nearest pharmacy the day after.
      One week later I received a text from the pharmacy with the dates of my jabs.
      The second of my jabs I received last week. The day after that I returned to KEP and after some work
      I received my certification.
      I have to say that every person I came into contact with during the process was very kind and helpful
      given that I am not an easy person to deal with having poor hearing.
      I feel I have to post this message as there is so much negativity in these comments.
      I is wrong to say that all Greek Gov employees are the same, and hey! I`m not surprised that some of
      them don`t speak English, we are after all in Greece.