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Greece launches “Covid Free GR” App for checking certificates, tests results

Greece’s Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis presented on Tuesday the digital application “Covid Free GR” for the check of Covid-certificates and tests results to allow access to facilities for dinning and other activities. The app will be used by restaurants and entertainment venues to check if the European certificates of immunization against Covid-19  presented by their customers are genuine.

The app will be available for download on Tuesday, to either iOS or Android phones or tablets and is provided free of charge via the Hellenic Republic’s official account in App Store and Google Play.

Pierrakakis said the process of downloading the app is simple and easy and clarified that this will present only the name of the certificate holder, in order to check against ID.

The app will not store any personal information or history, the minister said.

He added that verification of the European certificates will not require internet access but that it is necessary for verifying the Greek certificates.

The app has three colour codes, with green indicating valid vaccination or immunization through contracting Covid, yellow indicating a confirmed negative PCR or rapid test and red meaning an invalid certificate or error.

In order to be admitted to an indoor entertainment venue, vaccination certificates are valid 14 days after the final vaccine dose, certificates of immunity through illness are valid up to six months after diagnosis, rapid tests are valid for 48 hours – starting at 00:01 on the date the sample was taken – and PCR tests are valid for 72 hours, again from 00:01 on the date the sample was taken.

The App can be downloaded also from the website.

Greece will allow the opening of indoor venues in the time July 16 – August 31, 2021, for vaccinated customers only.

Outdoor spaces are mixed, that is for vaccinated and not vaccinated customers, who apparently still have to show certificates or negative tests, KTG understands.

KTG also understands that the App is for the stores to download and not for customers or for both stores and customers or who cares as mainstream media are not clear about the purpose either.

On Twitter-sphere Greeks are confused and it seems that it is for bouncers, after all.

Name “Covid Free” is anyway misleading because even if one is vaccinated, immunity is not 100%.

Meanwhile, the government issued also symbol badges to display at catering and entertainment venues..

PS but one cannot ask for perfection in a country where government communication citizens is always vague and sketchy.

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  1. Everything is vague because they are making it up as they go along, or at least that is how it feels most of the time!

  2. Some don’t seem to know that Greece is MILES ahead of other countries where they are endlessly
    debating to reach an agreement without a solution for the problem. From the start of the pandemic, Greece has always been a frontrunner for new innovations to tackle the spread of the virus. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    • Very true – who was it that suggested a vaccination travel pass? Oh yes, Greece. And yet Von Der Leyen claims that one..

    • Me thinks you had a ouzo to many. Greece is more like Africa in so many things. Lovely country but it’s pretty backwards. I just think its funny how they approach everything, making it as hard as possible which results in mismanagement and allot of wasted sweat, arguments and money. Good thing the sun shines allot!

      They can bark all they want but they can’t force vaccinations, so people stay strong and let them bark, they get tired sooner than later.

  3. I think the young people have got it sussed.

    Have parties. Catch Covid.

    Get a 6 month “I had it” certificate which can take them through the winter season.

    The only people they can hurt are those older & wiser who have not been vaccinated.

    Basically the more the government pushes them, the more they may be encouraged to catch Covid as an alternative to vaccination but with the same personal benefits.

    • Good points. Whether planned or not, that seems to be what is happening. I think Covid is going to burn through them like a wildfire, no matter what the government thinks or wants. That’s the reality. That’s what is happening.

  4. …..and until the Greek Government finally works out how to issue certificates to ex-pats who have had the vaccine BUT cannot obtain a certificate because the Government has still not worked out how to do it, we HAVE HAD OUR VACCINATIONS but, again, are to be classed as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS who cannot go to indoor venues.


  5. Is this for Greek citizens only? If I visit Greece from another EU country and have been vaccinated, can I download and use this app as well?

  6. Great idea to not include the Uk nhs covid vaccine certificate. Idiocy at its best.

    Considering they send the tourism minister over to the Uk to say come to Greece etc, say we will accept it as proof of vax to enter Greece yet when in Greece you won’t be able to go indoors. Ridiculous.

    I live in Greece I’m fully vaxxed but from Uk as only recently moved due to delays with covid Hampering things, and now I’m not able to work because my vaccination certificate isn’t the Greek or Eu one. I will just starve then shall I!!

  7. Cool that in a country relying on tourism the badges are only in Greek. That will help understand the tourists :s

  8. We live in Greece and would like to have the certificate of proof of vaccination on our Greek mobiles. Not certain if this is possible and getting confusing reports? We have had the vaccinations here in Greece back in April.
    Here’s hoping.