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Local lockdowns only for the unvaccinated, says Greek Development Minister

Local lockdowns will affect only the unvaccinated citizens and those vaccinated will not be restricted because they are protected form Covid-19, Greece’s Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Thursday.

Speaking to Skai TV, Georgiadis appeared extremely concerned about the course of the economy, if the current predictions of scientists are confirmed. Scientists indicate an explosion of infection cases in the next 7-10 days.

However, answering a question about possible new restrictive measures, he clarified that “we have explained many times that measures such as general lockdown will not be taken, because there are now vaccinated people, for whom we do not have the right to restrict them.”

When asked if there is a possibility of “shutting down” specific islands or other areas due to coronavirus outbreaks, Georgiadis said that “even in local lockdowns the same principle will be followed: Vaccinated people will not be restricted, as they are not at risk.”

Regarding the kind of restrictions for the unvaccinated citizens in case of local lockdowns Georgiadis did not say much other than “the unvaccinated cannot go to indoor venues” such as restaurants, clubs etc, a measure to be implemented from Friday, July 16, 2021.

PS what will they do in local lockdowns for the unvaccinated? Forbid access to activities and services, to banks, stores and even supermarkets? Who will watch over and control such an insane project? What about the unvaccinated tourists? Or will the restrictions be only for the locals?

Worth noting also the wrong message of the former books-seeling-on TV and wanna-be-epidemiologist Minister and the government in general that fully vaccinated people are protected from the Covid-19, when scientific literature says otherwise, even if with milder symptoms in majority of infecitons.

Greek populism at its best.

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  1. And all the time they will be seen by some to be “encouraging” the young who typically do not need the vaccine for self protection, to catch covid and get themselves a 6 month certificate of antibodies, with the same benefits as if they had had the vaccination.

    Of course this will drive case numbers even higher and may encourage the “not young” to get their vaccinations.

    Then we start all over again next Spring as vaccinations run out of date and boosters are required.

  2. Totally unfair on the many who are still waiting for vaccination appointment which they cannot obtain because of PAMKA. GIVE EVERYONE WHO WANTS THE VACCINATION THE ABILITY TO HAVE IT WITHOUT WAITING WEEKS FOR THE POWERS IN CHARGE TO DECIDE THEY CAN HAVE IT

    • keeptalkinggreece

      try KEP again, it apparently started to work with PAMKA

      • Dear Keep Talking Greece, do you know if AMKA have sorted out the problem of not being able to issue vaccination certificates to people with temporary AMKA number starting with number 9.

    • Fuck PAMKA! I refuse to deal with Greek burocracy. Here is my arm, here is my passport, give me certificate. Anything less is bullshit!

  3. I think someone has been out in the sun too long…

  4. I go out to eat all over Athens but the place I go the most is my ‘neighborhood’ cafe … they use one person for kitchen and one person to wait on tables who takes food & drink orders … how are small tavernas like this going to also have time to authenticate vaccination paperwork?

  5. Despite applying and trying since February, my husband and I have been unable to obtain an AMKA, so no vaccinations for us, are we then not allowed to shop for food? I suppose starvation would solve all our problems

    • starvation is already there… next is south africa

      • I am South African and Greece’s issue is nothing like it. There are no comparisons. Be grateful for that. My family are patrolling their communities to keep their families and home safe. I lived 8km from the epicentre before I left. Be grateful you live in Greece. Your problems are so much more first world.

  6. I am vaccinated and ok but what about people in bad health who due to medical reasons cannot get a vaccine? What about pregnant women? What about the less-abled? Some exceptions should be in place for obvious reasons.

  7. I hate to break it to the Greek government but the ‘vaccine’ does not stop anyone catching the virus, nor does it prevent one from infecting anyone else.

    • I know several people who are fully vaccinated and were hospitalized with covid after getting it. I do also know several people who got it and are fine, but clearly the vaccine isn’t nearly as effective as they claim