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Transmission rate of Delta variant is “terrifying”, says EODY head

The transmission rate of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in Greece is “terrifying,” head of Greece’s National Health Organization EODY, Panagiotis Arkoumaneas, said on Thursday.

“We will have an increase in cases this week and next, but we must look at the age [of those infected] and whether they end up in the ICU to be intubated, or we have deaths,” Arkoumaneas told Skai TV.

He noted that 99% of those who end up in hospital or in intensive care have not been vaccinated.

This is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” he added.

The median age of the recent infections is 30, when it was 46 beginning of the year, Arkoumaneas said adding that 5% of the vaccinated citizens are ill with the coronavirus.

The Delta variant is already dominant in the new infections, with new data suggesting that the percentage of those cases attributed to the specific mutation rises by about 10 percentage points per week, he said adding that it was at 60%-61% until recently.

“It will soon reach 70%, we now see it on the islands, especially the islands that are seeing a rise in infections,” he explained.

Contrary to the tradition of releasing Covid-19 variants data on Thursdays, authorities released the data already on Monday. The data are based on samples analysis carried out mid June to mid July 2021.

On the same interview Arkoumaneas also warned that today’s daily coronavirus infections will be over 3,000.

The country’s health experts have warned of thousands of infections per day in August and are urging citizens to get vaccinated.

According to Greece’s data, 45% of the population is fully vaccinated and 7.7% have had one dose.


PS Get a jab!

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  1. 99% of infected ending up in hospital are NOT vaccinated. I WAIT SINCE 3 WEEKS for temporary AMKA to get a vaccination appointment. In Austria vaccinations are done as WALK IN / NO APPOINTMENT.

    People just go there, get registered, vaccinated, get vaccination booklet / confirmation, all done in some hours

    • So.. go to Austria & get vaccinated there if it’s so much easier?

    • You only wait 3weeks? it took me 5 months to get AMKA!!! Getting the vaccine in england is simple and straightforward too, but for me the problem was travelling and the possibility of getting covid, let alone the quarantine necessary in england, but I did consider it!! It has been a constant ‘rant’ about how complicated the system is here, but we know the Greeks love bits of paper,bless them!! It doesnt help when people make remarks suggesting you return to Austria, that was unecesssary when you are obviously distressed. The only thing I can say is, dont give up hope, I applied 4 times before any result, so have another go, you may be lucky next time! Good luck

    • you don’t get vaccinated without insurance in Austria either

  2. This was bound to happen of course and it’s more serious to unvaccinated people, so of course the Health Minister is rightly anxious for all Citizens to get vaccinated, why is it then that my Brother in law who was issued with a temporary AMKA number over a week ago hasn’t been able to get an appointment and my Sisters number was only came through yesterday? They now think it’s because they are old (70 +) so no one cares about them, their lives do not matter.
    To KTG I’d like to say thank you for mentioning you thought the problem with the TEMPORARY AMKA NUMBERS THAT BEGIN WITH 9 had been sorted ….I confirm IT HAS so anyone still waiting to get a Vaccination Certificate go to KEΠ don’t forget though to take your PASSPORTS, ΑΦΜ and ΑΜΚΑ numbers! (Even more numbers on this Certificate too!!

    • This man said… the pandemic is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
      Iaw. Patrick Vallance 40% of the people with Covid in the hospitals of UK are once or twice vaccinated.
      This Greek has no clue and is talking b… ocks.
      When the highest experts are having no clue, why should we trust them?

  3. @Bernd P.
    Start to think man. If I tell you, 70% of all deaths in car accidents wore a belt – is there a problem with the belt?
    No it isn’t because if you don’t wear a belt the numbers would be 100 or 1000 times higher. Same goes with the vaccine. If you believe that you are Superman when vaccinated you are the one who is wrong. As you don’t state how many of your 40% are completely vaccinated everything you wrote is, sorry to say, bu……… Try start to use your own Brain before posting things that don’t have all the informations which are necessary to judge a comment !!!!

    • michele lavender

      Karsten,Firstly this is not a place to be rude to other posters,agree or disagree nicely,I didnt actually get what you were trying to say even after four times reading it,I got the rudness though and all I know is that some people get Covid real bad even after two jabs and can be admitted and possibly die,there are many variants and our bodies can react differently each time we get it.I reacted differently to each jab.I agree with Bernd P by the way.

      • No vaccination with whatever vaccine you take, regarding ANY vaccination, means, that you can’t get the disease you are vaccinated against. Point.

        This is true for COVID as it is for any other disease. This is the point I want to make.

        If you don’t know numbers, there is no point in making a statement like
        “Patrick Vallance 40% of the people with Covid in the hospitals of UK are once or twice vaccinated.” Of how many? How many are once, how many are twice vaccinated? How many in total? How old are they? How many of them have problems with their immune system (HIV for example) or are predisposed?

        Without these numbers this statement is something that in Germany we call a “Scheisshausparole” – a latrine rumour.

        Start thinking guys – vaccination doesn’t mean that the virus can’t get you.
        And if you’re predisposed (as I said for example older people or HIV infected) of course you can be admitted to a hospital. That this is worrysome I can totally understand.

        But the statement Panagiotis Arkoumaneas made is correct – if you’re not vaccinated, you will catch it – sooner or later. Your best bet is to get a jab. The more people are vaccinated the less the virus can circulate the less mutations we will see. That is the point why vaccination is the key for resolving and defeating this little bastard.

        If you’re carry on rumours like the one that Bernd made without the proper context you will do more harm than good.

        My two cents …..

    • The “vaccine” neither prevents you catching COVID nor passing it on, the theory is that your symptoms are less severe. If the “vaccinated” are still being admitted to hospital that is worrying.