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EU Commission approves €100mn to boost Greece’s health system

Τhe European Commission has approved an additional 100 million euros for Greece in the business program for Reforming the Public Sector 2014-2020, which forms part of the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework.

According to the proposal by the Greek Development and Investments Ministry, these new funds will be used to enhance the country’s public health system and improve citizens’ access to it.

The resources will be channeled to support a network of mobile health units that will provide relief for state hospitals during the pandemic, as well as for improving services for chronic patients and supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of health workers.

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  1. What is needed urgently is a maintenance budget for hospitals. So many items are lying about just in need of repair.

  2. Oh please!! When Greece joined the EU they were millions in debt!! But Simitis lied!! Since then billions of euros have been given to Greece and none of it has found it’s way to where it should have gone!!! Hospitals neglected, roads and infrastructure neglected, schools neglected, elderly care neglected!! And the list goes on and on!! Nice place for a two week holiday ( if you can afford the inflated prices!) But actually it’s more corrupt then most of the world!!

  3. I would agree with both the above….. It’s all very well that the monies are authorised,I am sure they evaporated on the way…..well some if not all….and do they have to paid back?..Simitis and all involved falsified the figures to enter EU…..I was living there from 1994…..I saw this evolved…. suddenly the prices skyrocketed….the Drachma poor it may have been…..was the best and looking back…it would be great again…. without the €200 billion?>>>Owed. To be repaid over 40 years..