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Famous seal of Alonnisos, Kostis, found dead, killed with speargun

The body of a young protected seal was found washed out on a rocky beach of islet Peristera by Alonnisos. The spear of a speargun had gone through the flesh of the young mammal. A tag on his tail revealed that the body belonged to Kostis, the famous seal of Alonnisos and the symbol for the seals in the area.

His body was found within the sea park and the jurisdiction of a protected area for the seals.

NGO for the Protection of the Monachus-Monachus MOm said that Costis was killed on purpose and that a spear of big diameter was used. MOm is about to file for felony against the killer.

Kostis loved to approach boats and enjoy a nap and had never shown any aggressive behavior. Ηe loved humans and he was loved by young and old – except by one two-legged monster.

Kostis was rescued at very young age off the island of Folgenadros in the Aegean Sea in 2018.

He was 2 weeks old when he was separated from his mother during the Medicane Zorbas. He was weighting just 13 kilograms.

He was sheltered in the protected aqua shelter MOm and he was released in the sea park of Alonnisos four months later.

Kostis in August 2020

MOm and local authorities call on any eye witness or anyone having knowledge of the seal murder to contact the Coast Guard.

Κostis is not the first famous seal killed by two-legged monsters with no respect to life on the planet. in 2017, another famous seal, Argiro of the island of Samos was brutally killed as well.

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  1. SICKENING! There are just a few hundreds left alive in the entire Mediterranean. I had the huge chance to spot 2 of them last spring in South Mani. They are an engendered species on the brink of extinction. When will people here receive proper education about the preservation and respect of the environment? That means protecting what’s left of the forests, respecting the Constitution about not building on coastal areas, and not killing everything that moves?

  2. Poor sweet little soul! How about using a speargun on his molester… I would not hesitate! Kostis did no harm and he was one of the few remaining monkseals.

  3. We do not deserve this planet and I’m pretty convinced our lease won’t be renewed

  4. Stephen00 Newman

    Poor defenseless creature, hope the lowlife bottom feeder is brought to justice and shamed all over GREECE

    R.I.P young one

  5. This criminal asshole deserves surely every name calling that one might think of – if one might call them a human being at all.

    But please, refrain from using the term “sub-human”. This term has been extensively used during one of the darkest periods of human history to justify the Holocaust. So I really would prefer to never ever have to hear it again outside a purely historical context.

  6. Oh dear just how sick is this person
    Should be kneecapped and displayed
    Find this person please