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State offers free accommodation to citizens affected by Attica fire: latest info

Greek authorities call on citizens of Attica who cannot return to their homes due to the forest fire in north-western Attica to seek accommodation calling EODY hotline <1135>. Authorities have arranged rooms in hotels in several areas, the government said in a statement. Accommodation cost is paid by the state for as long as access to their homes is restored.

Thousands were ordered to evacuate from Varimpompi, Thrakomakedones, Adames and the Olympic village during the day and the evening others cannot access their homes as traffic in the affected areas has been halted.

Residents of surrounding areas have also left their homes out of fear of the three fire fronts raging deep in the night with the aerial means to have stopped water dropping.

The fire broke out around 1:30 pm in the dense forest on the foothills of Mt Parnitha most likely due to a power column that exploded due to the heatwave.

There are reportedly 520 fire fighters operating in the area. There seem to be not enough for this inferno unfolding in the outskirts of the Greek capital.

Yet, one after the other, dozens of homes and businesses have burned down and television stations keep broadcasting live images of houses swallowed and destroyed by the flames.

Short before midnight and still desperate citizens call on media to ask help, that is to have firefighters to extinguish the fire in their properties.

Earlier the deputy regional governor said that dozens of homes have burned down.

Heartbreaking video from a fire truck

The Citizen Protection Ministry has called on duty hundreds of policemen to safe guard that abandoned homes do not get target by looters.

At least 6 citizens and one firefighter have been taken to hospitals due to respiratory problems.

The Health Ministry urges all citizens in the area who are over 65 or have respiratory or heart problems or children to refrain from moving around in the affected areas due to the ‘suffocating’ atmosphere.

Affected areas and some suburbs in northern Athens are without electricity.

The inferno in Athens is only one of the 81 forest and wildfires that broke out through out the country in the past 24 hours.

Villages and settlements have also evacuated on the island of Kos, in Vassilitsi, Peloponnese and tonight also in Evia as a big blaze is reportedly out of control there and is burning down houses as well.

This night will not end well…

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  1. All those who think climate change is a joke will eventually be forced to wake up. Just look at fires, floods and drought on all continents.

    • especially when there are development projects waiting!
      mendoni and mitsotakis are both on the record pushing development projects at tatoi, and mitsotakis is on camera saying ‘one of these days it will burn’..
      corruption all the way to the top! that’s the climate that needs to change!

      • ah, minor correction, seems the mitsotakis quote was referring to a different development project in a different forest on kerkyra… same story though. ‘some time this forest will burn.. and then?’ and referring to the construction which was going on there, obviously illegally in a forest zone ‘i am sure youre doing the right thing’ because the forest would burn in any case.

        why are these people not in prison already?