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Peak of coronavirus infections expected early autumn, Committee approves booster shot

New coronavirus infections are expected to peak at the end of September or early October, Secretary General for Primary Health Marios Themistokleous said on Wednesday.

Speaking to a private TV channel, Themistokleous also reiterated that the National Vaccination Committee has given the green light for a 3rd vaccine shot for immune-suppressed patients such as people who have undergone an organ or marrow transplant, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and renal dialysis patients.

A third dose will also be given to vulnerable groups and people facing serious health issues, while health authorities are considering expanding the plan to the wider public.

Booster shots will start being administered in early September, he said., according to kathimerini

Some media reported that the Vaccination Committee is also considering a booster shot to elderly in nursing homes as well as to health workers, who were the first to receive a shot last January.

Note that the Greek government has vehemently denied a new lockdown across the country and is considering rather a series of restrictions for the unvaccinated citizens.

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  1. Cases will peak as tourism ends?
    No shit.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      schools open

    • Yep, new lockdowns also right after the last tourist plane leaves. The vaccine isn’t working so they will definitely fix it by doing more stuff that hasn’t worked before. Or yeah maybe full communist bs and you need your compliance pass to go buy a pack of gum. Oh well, now that we know what we know, I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t take the vaccine, and every day I’m more and more sure I won’t take it

  2. Marcelis Vanmechelen

    The experts that forecast this peak in infection at the end of September, are these the same as those who were reported by KTG on July 15, predicting 10k infections in August every day?

  3. If the current Greece increasing cases curve had not magically “flat-topped” at average ~3,000 instead of following a normal curve for this type of infection, the case rate in Greece could well be 10,000 or more by now.
    Check the graphs at e.g. Worldometers; don’t seem to be other countries, with virtually unrestricted circulation, that display a “flat-top” on an increasing phase.
    If I was a particularly suspicious person I might suspect that numbers were being ‘throttled’ in light of the tourist season.

    • The ‘ledge’ as it turns out is just not seen in any other covid curve. If we were suspicious we would think it was man-made. The question is how could they have manipulated it? If they did someone MUST know. Would they really risk it? …………….if they did it means many people will die who shouldn’t have.