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7,000 unvaccinated health workers suspended, says Greek Health Minister

Almost 6,500 health care workers and 500 ambulance service members have been suspended from their jobs over their failure to meet a deadline to vaccinate themselves against Covid-19, the health minister said on Friday.

Thanos Plevris told MPs that of the 6,412 healthcare workers who are suspended for not getting vaccinated, 5,594 work in hospitals and 818 in primary health care.

Of the 500 suspended ambulance service staff, 400 belong to the crews.

The minister said that the fact that 400 health care workers received the vaccine on Monday, a few days before the deadline, showed that the government’s decision to make vaccinations compulsory for hospital workers was having an effect.

One hospital went from having a 35% vaccination rate among staff to 87%, he said.

He added that next week an amendment would be tabled to would allow health workers who have given the first dose of the vaccine to return to work.

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  1. People are only being vaccinated so they don’t lose their jobs. THIS IS SHOCKING. We are bordering on another NAZI regime — this is not good.

    • Yep, take a look at Australia and tell me it’s all “just a conspiracy theory” – As always, when people finally wake up it will be all too late

  2. If we don’t support their fight, many other groups will follow and be forced to get the shot. The health system is critical and if the people overcome the hardships for 2-4 weeks, this government will have to take back their measures.

  3. Workers who interact with vulnerable patients have a duty of care to such people. The modern version of the medical oath says “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.” Being unvaccinated and potentially carrying the disease iwithout good medical reason is a breach of this oath. Research has clearly demonstrated that being vaccinated lowers the total viral load carried by an infected person over the course of a Covid infection, and hence lowers the chance of transmission. So to compare requiring Covid vaccination in a healthcare setting with Nazi doctors is disgraceful, and only the ignorant or shameless would do so. Another worrying thought is what this says about the medical knowledge of the staff concerned. Is this amount of ignorance reasonable in such a sensitive profession?

    • Not sure, if you are looking for the ignorance on the right end.
      These health workers carry millions of viruses with them and some of these viruses kill thousands of people every year (no science fiction). Preventing disease never has been the goal of the health system nor the pharma industry, no matter what the oath may say. Fighting symptoms is all they do.

    • Both the ‘vaccinated’ and the unvaccinated can catch and pass on the virus, the only advantage to being jabbed is that the recipient is supposed to have milder symptoms so it makes no difference to patients whether the medical staff are jabbed or not.
      Forcing a vaccine on people has never been done before and those people catching it still have a 99.5% chance of recovering.
      If you want the vaccine that’s fine but nobody should be forced to have it, particularly by threatening their livelihood!

    • Please take great care what you say and read up on the growing body of detailed research which is increasingly available. Whether it comes from government sources in Massachusetts, in Israel, in the UK or elsewhere, it is consistently showing that vaccinated people carry just as much of the virus in their throats and nasal cavities as unvaccinated people; are just as capable of transmitting the virus to others; and, if anything, are even more susceptible to the new variants than people who remain unvaccinated. Hundreds of thousands of front-line healthcare workers, including highly trained doctors, are refusing to be vaccinated not because they are ignorant or selfish but because they may be much better informed about the day-to-day realities than all of us who learn from the mainstream media.

    • Stephen, you sound like a Nazi. Watch what you say.