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Powerful winds disrupt traffic in the Aegean Sea

Powerful north-eastern winds blowing with intensity of up to 8-9 Beaufort have caused disruption to maritime traffic in the Aegean Sea on Monday.

According to state-run news agency amna disrupted are some ferry and catamaran commercial lines.

The Agia Marina-Nea Styra ferry was not running on Monday.

Catamaran ‘Flying Cat 3’ did not set sail from Rafina for Tinos, Mykonos and Naxos as scheduled.

Also cancelled was the catamaran ferry service on the “Santorini Palace” from Piraeus to Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Thira and Iraklio.

Greece’s National Meteorological Service issued a weather warning of heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms and powerful winds. See details here.

If you plan to travel by sea, check with local port authorities and travel agents.

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