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Thousands march in Athens demanding Justice for murdered Zak Kostopoulos

Chanting “Justice for Zackie” thousands of people marched on Tuesday evening to commemorate the brutal murder of LGBTIO activist Zak Kostopoulos three years ago. People gathered at the spot where Zackie was killed by a shop owner and his friend on September 21, 2018.



They laid flowers, messages and candles on Gladstonos Street and then marched to Syntagma Square and to the Parliament.



In a joint statement, organizations, collectives of the LGBTIO community, feminists groups and leftists said that they were marching “to shout out his unjust treatment and to defend his/her name, our own lives, our safety, our bodies – to claim our right to exist without fear and shame, our right to love.”

The brutal murder of 33-year-old Zak Kostopoulos on an early afternoon was recorded with a camera, his two attackers could not but accept their action.

However, three years later, they have spent not a single day in prison and they are not charged for murder but for “fatal bodily harm.” Their lawyer was recently appointed health minister.

The lawyer of Kostopoulos family, Anny Paparousou,  posted that Justice has been hindering charges on other suspects like policemen and ambulance paramedics.

Initially media reported that a drug-addict armed with a knife had entered the jewelry shop to rob it and that the owner acted in self-defense. The truth was different.

For the first time after three years, the court is to meet on October 20. To stand trial are the owner of a jewelry shop and his neighbor, a real estate agent and member of a far-right group, as well as four policemen who mistreated Zak while he was dying on the street.


The mother of Zackie and of Pavlos Fyssas united in pain on September 18 during a commemoration rally for the rapper who was murdered by a member of neo-nazi- Golden Dawn, eight years ago.

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  1. There is no justice in Greece, especially not for members of the LGBT community. What do you expect in a country with Medieval orthodox views on gay people, where the majority of judges, police and members of government are homophobic?!

  2. Some Arab countries are worst than Russia, they have capital punishment for it. It was even illegal in North America in the 60s.

    Athens was the globe’s big apple multiply longer than North America has existed. One would think that Greece, of any nation, would lead as the principle founder of the west.

    Unfortunately, even Greece has its share of intolerance that misinterpret a minority’s involuntary disposition as somehow voluntarily, immoral or disrespectful, like living in the 1960s in North America, not so long ago…

    North America outgrew this decades ago, why is Greece who was the greatest contributor to western culture so slow today.