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Three nuns of fraternity in Thessaloniki die of Covid-19; most convent nuns unvaccinated

Three members of a Greek-orthodox fraternity in Thessaloniki have died of coronavirus and a fourth one is in Intensive Care Units. Majority of the 17 nuns are unvaccinated against the Covid-19 and refuse to cooperate with the health authorities. Several nuns in neighboring monastery are also infected with the virus.

Health authorities are concerned about the widespread infections in the convent located in eastern Thessaloniki, northern Greece, in the the outskirts of Thermi Municipality, media report on Friday.

Only 6 of 17 in total nuns are vaccinated, local media voria report, adding that the victims and the infected are among the 11 unvaccinated ones.

A 63-year-old nun died of Covid-19 complications on Thursday, while a 82-year-old and a 78-year-old one died on October 6 and September 29.

One nun currently in ICU is reportedly in serious condition.

Those n charge of the convent keep silence over the real conditions of the infected.

According to some leaks to the press, one nun who is only slightly sick takes care of those in more serious condition.

Others claimed to Mega TV,  that the 63-year-old was sick over some 18 days, then she recovered over a period of four days and suddenly died on Thursday.

Other sources said that one of the nuns is a doctor and takes care of the sick women.

The entrance to monastery has been closed to all visitors since Friday morning, allegedly by order of the convent.

According to reports, the nuns refuse to cooperate with the National Health Organization EODY and the Civil Protection despite the fact that there several infected nuns.

“The nuns not only refused to receive vaccination but also to visit a health care facility for their treatment,” local media report.

The Christian fraternities are not obliged to the jurisdiction of the Metropolis of the area but they are reportedly independent bodies.

Outbreak also in neighboring monastery

The fraternity is housed in a monastery of Plagiari, which borders with Epanomi municipality where there is concern of a large outbreak due to movement of unvaccinated citizens between the two municipalities.

Local media ThessToday reports that there is a “dramatic increase of infections in Epanomi”due to the daily movement of citizens and their participation in activities and services of the fraternity.

Anti-vaxx monasteries influence local communities.

A health expert told state-broadcaster ERT early Friday afternoon “11 percent of unvaccinated people cite religious reasons.”

Characteristic is the statement by Pulmonology Professor Nikos Tzanakakis who said that the approximately 1,000 monasteries in Greece as against Covid-vaccination.

Epidemiologist Marios Lazanas said just two days ago that specially the monasteries in northern Greece are a problem due to their refusal to get a shot but also due to the influence they have in local communities..

“People are influenced by the priests. They tell them that the vaccine contains elements from the Satan,” Lazanas stressed.

It’s certainly not a coincidence that the majority of regional units marked “red” on the updated Covid-MAP are in northern Greece.

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  1. I don’t understand why they think the devil is in the vaccine. Do they think the devil is in all vaccines or just the Covid vaccine? Or do they think that anything injected into the body—Botox, insulin, hormones, etc.- is evil?

    It’s certainly not logical. I understand that religious people have magical thinking, but shouldn’t it be based on some fundamental religious belief?

    I have concluded that they will say anything that might prevent people from following the government’s advice on Covid. The real devil for the church is losing its influence. This is a battle of control, a battle which may have caused believers to become genuinely scared.

  2. “The nuns not only refused to receive vaccination but also to visit a health care facility for their treatment,” – as they should. One shouldn’t repudiate science and medicine because it disproves their fairytales and then go get medical treatment when they realize their God is not curing them. Hypocrisy.

  3. There are few reasons for medical exemptions from taking the vaccine – religious belief is one of them here in Ontario. Because of “religious belief”, 78 people lost their job at a retirement home. Two things happened here: they didn’t expect to be fired (or barred) from their work AND they put their faith in Jesus (actually said in a TV interview). Silly me, I thought some of the saints of the church are medical professionals?

    They also said they didn’t have enough notice about this taking effect – even though the vaccine has been available to them sine JANUARY and the notice was given in AUGUST.

    Absolute craziness. We are now waiting for bus drivers, nurses, teachers, public servants and all manner of others to be “let go”. And for the ensuing legal battles – almost all of which will fail since they were fired with “just cause”.

    Let the games begin!

  4. I’m not religious but surely if people are religious they have to consider the possibility that God ensured that scientists found a solution to the pandemic in the form of vaccines? Why would Satan do that? If people die then doesn’t Satan benefit? If they live Satan doesn’t benefit? The logic defeats me.

  5. The very fact that people are religious proves they are not rational.
    Superstition, ignorance and wishful thinking for those who are frightened of reality.
    Used by others as a means of control over people.
    Just plain stupid.